Culpa Mia 2 will be done: here are all the details

written by Chiara Giovannini

23 June 2023

The Amazon Prime Video viewing champion film is ready to give its many fans a sequel. My faultor translated into Italian with “It’s my fault?“, is the teen film that has made a splash on the Prime Video platform in recent weeks, achieving success that not even After managed to achieve. Yes, we know: Culpa Mia 2 it is not official yet but it is practically certain and now we will explain why in detail.

Culpa Mia 2: that’s why the film will be made

The Amazon Prime Video teen drama film that you have surely heard of in the last few days is a real blockbuster. The film took #1 on Prime Video charts worldwide during its release week and is now in the TOP 10 in more than 190 countries. My fault is the most-watched non-English-language film in the world in the history of Amazon Prime Video. Many have already seen the film and many are reselling it over and over again.

The feature film is based on the Spanish novel of the same name by Mercedes Ronthe first of the trilogy Culpablesborn on Wattpad as After.

We know you are wondering: so will we see the sequel?

The film’s final scene sets the stage for a continuation, although Amazon hasn’t officially confirmed a sequel yet. However, during the presentation of the film in Madrid, the producer Alex de la Iglesia revealed that the second and also the third chapter of the saga would already be in the works.

Blame Tuya (second film) could arrive on Prime Video in 2024.

In the meantime Salani should publish the remaining books of the saga, so maybe you can dilute the wait. At the moment you will find only the first volume available in Italian.

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