Jon Bon Jovi today, the documentary on Disney Plus

New music and a docuseries on Disney+. The 2024 of Jon Bon Jovi promises to be full of new features, musical and otherwise. The singer of Bon Jovi will be told in a new way Thank you, goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, a four-part miniseries about his life. Then, in June, the new album Foreverafter four years without any new releases.

In view of all these news, Jon Bon Jovi is a guest of Summer Campthe program of Radio DEEJAY conducted by Nikki, Federico Russo And Francesco Quarna broadcast every weekday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm.

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Bon Jovi: “I was never the best singer, I was just the hardest working one”

Jon Bon Jovi, the documentary on Disney+: “There is the true story of my first song on the radio”

The documentary about Jon Bon Jovi it’s called exactly Thank you, goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story and will be available on Disney+ starting April 26. Inside it tells the story true story of the singer, from the first key episode of his career:

Radios were crucial in Bon Jovi’s career. After you knocked on the doors of all the record companies, you went to a radio station with your own recording. – Nikki

It’s a true story. Luckily for me that radio didn’t even have a receptionist. In those days you could walk into the landing, the DJ was there, I had his attention while he was live. When he finished the program we chatted a bit, I played him his song and he told me “It’s a good song!” and I said “I know!”. Luckily they then played it and it also reached other radio stations in other cities: New York, Detroit, Denver, without either a record company or a band behind me. But my song was going. – Jon Bon Jovi.

From there began the great musical history of Jon Bon Jovi and gods Bon Joviband included in rock hall of fame. TO Summer Campthe singer also talks about his work ethic:

My work ethic comes from all of these elements: me, my family, where I grew up. I come from a place in New Jersey of middle class people. I was born in the years of President Kennedy, of the American dream. It was my parents’ first home, they both worked and they told me that if you dream big you can achieve great results. I was never the best singer or the best guitarist or the best songwriter, I was just the hardest working one.

Bon Jovi, the new album is “Forever”: “There will be the same surprises you saw with ‘Livin’ on a prayer'”

Speaking of music, Jon Bon Jovi will publish his new album Forever next June 7th. The new project was anticipated by the single Legendaryavailable from March 15:

Legendary is a hit, it’s a great song but it’s not the best on the album. There will be the same surprises that you have seen with Livin’ on a prayer. There’s a song called We made it look easyanother one Livin’ proof. People will say, “That’s even better than Legendary,” “That’s even better than Legendary.”

With these expectations, all that remains is to see what thealbum Forever by Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi on Livin’ on a prayer: “When we wrote it I wasn’t so convinced”

TO Radio DEEJAY Jon Bon Jovi also talks about Livin’ on a prayercertainly one of the greatest successes of the Bon Jovitogether at least with It’s my life And You give love to a bad name. Apparently, however, it was not so obvious that either Livin’ on a prayer would have hit the audience so much:

When we wrote it on a piano and an acoustic guitar I wasn’t so convinced, there’s just this E minor going on. Then when the tour with the drums and the other instruments began, he gained strength. However, I never thought it would become such an important song. At the time we were aiming for a lot You give love abad name because they were on the radio Addicted to love And I love rock ‘n’ roll, we thought that kind of anthem could work. But then Livin’ on a prayer it outclassed every song on the album. We must remember that Slippery when wet it was a pretty important album for us. But Livin’ on a prayer she was so different, so unique.

With the premises that the singer spoke about, the new Bon Jovi album can give great emotions.


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