Jamie Lee Curtis displays his Oscar next to a sex toy and makes fans dream [FOTO]

Jamie Lee Curtis displays his Oscar next to a sex toy and makes fans dream [FOTO]
Jamie Lee Curtis displays his Oscar next to a sex toy and makes fans dream [FOTO]

Last Sunday night Jamie Lee Curtis won theOscar for Best Supporting Actress for the test offered in Everything Everywhere All at Oncefilm in which she plays an inspector of theIRS, Deirdre Beaubeirdre. L’Internal Revenue Service, abbreviated to IRS, is the government agency responsible for collecting taxes within the tax system of the United States of America. The IRS, headed by a Commissioner appointed by the President of the United States for a five-year term (the current Commissioner is David Kautter), represents a branch of the US Treasury Department.

In a scene from the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once the character proudly displayed the award won for her zealous and uncompromising precision on the jobi.e. a sex toys: In the case a butt plug with a nameplate celebrating and remembering the best accountant of the month.

Well, as she herself confessed a short time ago, Jamie Lee Curtis she had managed to keep and take home that particular and peculiar set object, next to which he revealed that he had exhibited the Oscar and the SAG Award on his personal shelf dedicated to the awards won won in the recent Hollywood awards season that just went on file with its terminal act, the awards night of the Academy Awards. The self-ironic revelation of the actress took place through a snap posted on her Facebook profile.

Everything Everywhere All at Oncewe recall, is executively produced by the brothers Anthony And Joe Russo (directors of Avengers: Infinity And Avengers: Endgame), who set it up together with A24 And LeyLine Entertainment. defined “the definitive movie about the Multiverse“, line up in the cast with cinema icons Michelle Yeoh (The Tiger and the Dragon, Shang-Chi) and Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, An armchair for two) and is directed by the visionary filmmaking duo The Danielsto the century Daniel Scheinert And Daniel Kwanand it’s the case of the year at the US box office.

EEAOas it is often abbreviated on social media, the revelation film of this film season has won well 7 Oscars: Best Movie, Best direction, Best Leading Actress for Michelle Yeoh (first Asian performer to get the statuette in this category), Best Supporting Actor for Ke Huy Quan, Best Supporting Actress for Jamie Lee Curtis, Best Original Screenplayalso signed by the Daniels, e Best Editingcreated by Paul Rogers.

A true triumph for an atypical and original independent film, which started off quietly but gradually became a real generational phenomenon, which continues its journey in Italian theaters more than four months after its release (thanks to the commitment of The Wonder Pictures in collaboration with Unipol Biografilm Collection) and just a few hours before the Oscars he had won the title of most awarded film in historyalso beating The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King.

Everything Everywhere All at Once, the Oscars and the Multiverse that never questions us. A comment

There official synopsis reads:

Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) runs a small laundromat, has a teenage daughter who no longer understands, a dazed father and a fruit marriage.
A routine tax audit unexpectedly becomes the door through which Evelyn is drawn into an enthralling and colorful adventure in the most innovative and entertaining multiverse ever seen in cinemas. Called upon to save the fate of universes, she will have to draw on all of her courage to defeat a seemingly unstoppable enemy and restore harmony to her family.
With the surprising Stephanie Hsu (Shang-Chi), the film marks the return to the scene after 40 years of the legendary Ke Huy Quaninterpreter of the beloved Data (The Goonies) and Short Round (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).

Angela Bassett, the video of her annoyed reaction to the Oscar to Jamie Lee Curtis goes viral: “What elegance!”

Jamie Lee Curtis named her Oscar “they/them” to support her transgender daughter

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JamieLeeCurtis

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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