Die Hart 2 – Die Harter, the review of the sequel with Kevin Hart on Prime Video

The sequel to Die Hart, also created on this occasion in episodic form and then transposed into a film, recycles the formula of the original, without too much inventiveness but with an added John Cena.

Kevin Hart and his co-star Jordan King have achieved resounding success with the action movie The Jeffersons and now he is considered a real star of the genre, like Tom Cruise. But the comedian now intends to reach an even further level completely eliminate the use of stunt doubles; seeks financing for a large production, but so far his attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

Nathalie Emmanuel and Kevin Hart in a scene from Die Hart 2

In Die Hart 2 – Die Harter finally someone seems to respond to his wish: a rich billionaire of Eastern European origins intends realize your next project but once at the interview Kevin is sedated and wakes up in a torture room, threatened by a gigantic masked individual. He thinks they are extremely realistic shots, before he realizes that someone is trying to kill him for real. On the run with Jordan, who has also been kidnapped by her unknown enemy, the actor will have to try to understand who is behind this crazy plan and why…

He who doesn’t die sees himself again

Die Hart 2 Die Harter 3

Kevin Hart in a scene from Die Hart 2

The first film, which right from the title references the almost homonymous and iconic saga with Bruce Willis, was born as an episodic project on the defunct platform Quibi and this sequel also saw the light in this form on its counterpart Roku Channelbefore making its appearance in a feature-length version in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video. Those who have already seen the original already know what to expect, that is an agitated farce with metacinematic shocks in which the African-American comedian jokes about himself and the dynamics of modern action cinema, so much so full of quotes and tributes to actors and films that have marked the history of the genre.

Die Hart, the review: Kevin Hart in a tailor-made action comedy

Hart attack

Die Hart 2 Die Harter 1 Jipsl40

Die Hart 2: Die Harter – John Cena in a photo

Compared to the previous one, the sequel can count on greater variety in situations and above all on an exceptional guest star, that is John Cena. The former wrestler has now definitively unleashed his light and self-deprecating soul – see the night of the Oscars – and is the most captivating character of an otherwise overwhelming narrative, which only hits the mark at times in its continuous “machine-gunning” the viewer with gags and jokes I can’t do any more. In addition to Hart himself, the beauty also returns Nathalie Emmanuela combative companion in misadventures who often makes the protagonist look bad, and Ben Schwartz as a handyman-driver, a narrative element also useful for introducing idolatry towards movie stars.

Behind the scenes

Die Hart 2 Die Harter 4

Kevin Hart and Ben Schwartz in a scene

Some more ideas actually emerge, such as greater consideration on the importance of stuntmen, a topic of discussion even during the awards season when ad hoc categories are wanted to be set up to highlight the best. The motivations – albeit laughable – of the villain are hidden right here, complete with unexpected doppelganger which further complicates the cards even in the actual epilogue, probably close to receiving a further continuation in the predictable third episode of the franchise. Some situations in their appeal to consolidated imaginaries – just think of Misery must not die (1990) or to the reference to the so-called cinema vérité – they are also pleasant, but overall Die Hart 2 – Die Harter reveals the same defects that already characterized the first installation: the plot is too labile, more suitable for short sketches resulting from Saturday Night Live or of comedy programs similar to a finished film.


Kevin Hart is ready to do anything to make an action film worthy of the name, fed up (and we understand it very well) with CG and standard split-screen. Too bad that when he thinks he has found the ideal financier he discovers that he has actually ended up in the crazy plan of someone who intends to eliminate him for his very personal revenge. Die Hart 2 – Die Harter, born like the previous one in another form and then reassembled into an hour and a half film, once again sees the popular African-American comedian as an absolute star performer, with his wild verve that only strikes at times, even if John Cena as a guest star steals the show. Quotes and homages scattered throughout a zany farce that parodies action movies but is often an end in itself.

Because we like it

  • John Cena, complete with long blond hair, is irresistible in his short running time.
  • Kevin Hart’s comedy, with all the pros…

What’s wrong

  • …and the cons of the case.
  • Gags, jokes and unrestrained quotes that rarely hit the mark.
  • A pace that is even too exasperated.
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