Palermo, the financial police seize drugs and an arsenal of weapons of war

At home he had an arsenal, including a machine gun considered a weapon of war, and drugs. A 21-year-old ended up in handcuffs discovered by the Financiers of the Provincial Command of Palermo, as part of the checks that are carried out by the Fiamme Gialle of Palermo (under the orders of General Domenico Napolitano) daily in the metropolitan area precisely for the prevention and repression of illicit trafficking. Thus the military arrested a person in flagrante delicto and seized 4 firearms and narcotic substances.
In particular, the Green Basques of the Pronto Impiego Group, engaged daily in the surveillance service of the territory, during a patrol in the well-known “Villaggio Santa Rosalia” neighborhood – often affected by the carrying out of anti-drug activities by the military – noticed a man hastily walking away sight of the company car and suddenly decided to have it checked.
The subject, a twenty-one year old from Palermo, already known for his criminal record in drug dealing, was found in possession of some doses of hashish.
Given the circumstances, the financiers decided to carry out a search at his home where further wrappers of narcotic substances such as cocaine and crack weighing over 23 grams were found.
In the house, in addition to the narcotic substance, the fruitful activity of the Fiamme Gialle made it possible to discover a real cache of weapons ready for use: an American-made Sites Specter M4 9 Parabellum caliber machine gun, also classified as a weapon of war, a 45 caliber Colt semi-automatic pistol and two 32 and 38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolvers, all equipped with the relevant cartridges, 250 in total, and 5 magazines.
From the first investigations carried out on the weapons it emerged that one of the guns had been stolen about a year ago from a house in the city, to the detriment of a Palermo resident who regularly held it. Furthermore, the identifying serial numbers on two revolvers had been abraded in order to make identification and, therefore, their origin less easy.
The man was then arrested and placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority which validated both the arrest and the seizure of the weapons and narcotic substance.
Currently detained at the Pagliarelli prison, the person responsible will have to answer for possession of a weapon of war and several common firearms and possession for the purpose of dealing cocaine, crack and hashish.
Investigations continue to understand whether the weapons, probably the subject of multiple thefts, were held for subsequent sale or rather kept at the disposal of criminal organizations to commit further crimes.
The Fiamme Gialle operation is the result of the effectiveness of the economic control of the territory ensured by road patrols and of the permanent device set up to combat drug trafficking and dealing.


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