Emptying of private swimming pools for public use, Tuscany regulation

Last act for the new rules on emptying private swimming pools for public use in Tuscany. In fact, the process that modifies the 2010 rule on health and hygiene requirements was concluded with the approval of the regulation by the regional council.

The change in the law was proposed in March this year by the councilor for the right to health of the Tuscany Region Simone Bezzini, immediately receiving unanimous approval from the Regional Council. So the council dealt with the amendments to modify the regulation and after the unanimous favorable opinion of the Health Commission of the Regional Council approved it, introducing a series of further provisions to guarantee the hygienic and health requirements of the swimming pools.

With the new regulation proposed by councilor Bezzini, the Tuscany Region eliminates the obligation of annual emptying of private swimming pools for public use. From now on, to certify the safety of the water in these plants, it will be necessary to demonstrate that the results of the analyses, which must be carried out at least fifteen days before the opening of the tanks, meet the required parameters. At the same time, cleaning operations on the walls of the tanks must be carried out. However, the obligation for complete emptying remains every three years. The new regulation will come into force fifteen days after publication in the official bulletin of the Tuscany Region.

“Climate changes require us to use water more and more carefully, rationally and sustainably – explains the president of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani -. So we have decided on an exception to the obligation to empty swimming pools in Tuscany, without any risk to the safety of those who use them. The new rule will also result in simplification for businesses.”

“We close the process of this bill with satisfaction – comments the councilor for the right to health, Simone Bezzini –: a long-awaited simplification, which takes into account the evolution of environmental and technological factors. The changes introduced with the regulation will allow the hygienic level of swimming pool water to be kept under control, without any risk to the health safety of those who frequent the pools and with benefits for the environment. We will avoid – concludes Bezzini on the modification of the regulation on emptying private swimming pools for public use in Tuscany – waste of water and we will lighten the management of various economic realities. A current and necessary measure that becomes reality.”

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