“L’Aquila will not benefit from this help”

“L’Aquila will not benefit from this help”
“L’Aquila will not benefit from this help”

THE EAGLE – “I study it is a measure that provides scholarships aimed at secondary school students for the purchase of textbooks, mobility and transport, as well as for access to goods and services of a cultural nature: a great help to the territory of which unfortunately our municipality will not benefit.” This is how Paolo Romano from L’Aquila Nuova begins in a note.

Which explains: “In fact, while the other municipalities in Abruzzo have harmonized in time for the formation of the lists of potential beneficiaries, so as to provide resources to the beneficiary families, the Department of Social Policies and Right to Education of the Municipality of L’Aquila does not joined the initiative.

It goes without saying that, as usual, it is the most vulnerable groups who pay the highest price. This measure looked specifically at them, at social fragilities, at those families with students enrolled in the current second grade school year, who have an ISEE under 10 thousand euros.

I study it is a measure that in our municipality should have focused on the fight against school dropout and the strengthening of the Right to Education. That is to say one of the main objectives of this Council, at least in words. However, reality shows us something different every time.”

“This is why I continue and will continue to denounce how the situation must be addressed head-on without delaying indefinitely. We need to return to a worthy political and administrative planning of the Social Policies and Right to Education department and to the appointment of a full-time manager who at least manages to comply with the councilor’s shortcomings. It is not the opposition that says it but the continuous missed objectives that continuously debase the citizens’ rights”, concludes Romano.

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