Pino Miglino presents the book entitled “Work in danger of extinction” to Saint Pius

Pino Miglino presents the book entitled “Work in danger of extinction” to Saint Pius
Pino Miglino presents the book entitled “Work in danger of extinction” to Saint Pius


Reduce working hours without cutting wages and “work less, work everyone”, a slogan from the 1970s, in order to counteract the negative effects of automation and artificial intelligence.

Are these roads passable? We find an answer in the book entitled “Work in danger of extinction” (Primamedia publisher) written by the journalist Pino Miglino which will be presented Thursday 20 June at 6pm in the San Pio X auditorium, in via Volta 8, in Massa. The cultural event is organized by the Parish of San Pio

After the greetings of the parish priest Don Maurizio Manganelli, the introduction by Alessandro Conti, director of the Office of Social and Labor Pastoral Care. The author will be interviewed by journalist Alberto Sacchetti who will moderate the meeting. This will be followed by speeches by Nicola Del Vecchio, provincial secretary of the CGIL, and Franco Borghini, provincial secretary of the Uil. The book, in the form of a chronicle, deals with the journey into a world of work in profound and continuous transformation. Unemployment as a structural disease, the role of unions and politics, the experiments underway in the main Western countries, the change imposed by global crises and the pandemic. Finally, the need for a cultural revolution that, finally, leads to working to live and not living to work. «The occupation today finds itself sailing between Scylla and Charybdis. Where Scilla – explains Miglino in his book – is the scandalous inequality that reduces consumer demand. And Charybdis is the automation which, unlike in the past, is unable to create an equivalent number of jobs compared to those it destroys. There are therefore two strategies to act on. One more conventional, namely the redistribution of wealth and the other almost ignored but decisive, namely the redistribution of working hours.” The book contains interviews with Pierre Carniti, Piergiovanni Alleva, Domenico De Masi, Agostino Megale, Susanna Camusso. Pino Miglino, former editor-in-chief of La Nazione, mainly dealt with economics and politics. He currently writes for the magazine Storia e Storie di Toscana.

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