Fatal illness for Dr. Carlo Alberto Tacchini, the community of Travo in mourning

Evidently, given his medical knowledge, as soon as he felt an abnormal pain in his chest he immediately understood what was happening and went to the Travo Public Assistance office. But given his condition, the volunteers could not help but request the intervention of the 118 helicopter, unfortunately to no avail. He died like this, due to a sudden illness at the age of 72, on Dr. Carlo Alberto Tacchinia very well-known ENT specialist, having also worked at the Piacenza hospital.

The tragedy occurred in the early afternoon of yesterday, when the doctor from Piacenza, who lived in Travo, showed up at the Val Trebbia public assistance and rescue headquarters to seek help. He explained to those present that he had severe chest pain and then collapsed.

Fatal cardiac arrest

He was immediately loaded into an ambulance and at the same time the intervention of the 118 medical car and the helicopter from Parma was requested. The latter landed in the meantime at the Rivergaro sports field, where doctors tried to resuscitate him in a desperate race to the Piacenza hospital. In fact, it seems that the 72-year-old has gone several times cardiac arrest until, upon arriving in the city, the heart finally stopped beating. And every other attempt to resuscitate him was then useless.

Doctor Tacchini was well known both in Travo and in Piacenza, where for many years – in addition to the clinic in via Borghetto – he had worked for the local health authority in the city hospital, collaborating especially with the head doctor Domenico Cuda and then some years ago, just before retirement, with the last brief position as head of Otolaryngology at the Fiorenzuola hospital.

the helicopter in Rivergaro

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