Cassino, after the victory it’s already time for ‘toto come’

PoliticsThe definitive announcement of the councilors is expected by tomorrow: it seems unlikely that the majority will have more than 15 councilors, therefore 9 remain in opposition: no further bonus. Meanwhile Salera works on the new team. The crux of the Democratic Party and the possible appointment of Carlino. Sarah Grieco enjoys the unexpected result for many and explains that she is not interested in joining the executive. Here are the first rumors and the probable councillors: Grossi’s return is not excluded

Shortly after 4pm yesterday afternoon there was the proclamation: Enzo Salera is officially reconfirmed mayor of Cassino. At this time we are proceeding with the proclamation of the councillors. The 24 seats will be distributed as follows: 15 to the majority and 9 to the opposition.

Even if Salera’s lists exceed 60%, there will not be a majority bonus with one more councilor as the law states that, once 60% is exceeded, the seats are divided proportionally but the majority already has 60% of the seats deriving from the majority bonus that guarantees governability to those who win the elections. We would need to reach at least 65%, so to speak, to allow the majority to have at least one more councilor.


However, we are awaiting the official announcement which should arrive between this evening and tomorrow, in the meantime the mayor Enzo Salera is already working on the team. As he explained in an interview with LeggoCassino which will be broadcast this evening at 7.30pm on our Facebook page, there are rules that have already been clear before the vote.

That is: the first of those elected is the natural candidate of the majority to fill the role of Prime Minister. As regards the departments, the rule has been established that each list can express 1 councilor for every 2 elected councillors. That is, it means that the listsCommon Horizon’ And ‘Demos‘ who elect only one councilor each, should not have representation in the executive.


The full vote has inevitably already been taken: the ‘Salera mayor’ list which elects 5 councilors has the right to 2 councillors: the list will most likely confirm Maria Concetta Tamburrini, outgoing councilor and the former environmental councilor could also return to the executive Riccardo Consales. They would enter the Council in their place Mercedes Galasso And Giovanna Grossi. But there is also the hypothesis that the list could focus on an external councilor and in this case he could also return Danilo Grossi, already delegated to the council of the ‘Salera mayor’ list in the last five years.

The ‘Particiamo Cassino’ list could focus on the first two elected: Pierluigi Pontoneformer mayor’s delegate for Maintenance, e Jole Falese which brought with it many preferences. In this case, two city councilors from the previous administration would take office: Francesca Calvani And Fausto Salera.

As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, none of the four elected city councilors should join the council: Barbara Di Rollo as the first of those elected he will play the role of president of the municipal council; Gino Ranaldi he will not resign from the assembly so as not to lose his seat in the Provincial Council, Ornella Rhodes he could aspire to the department even if it is his first experience while Sarah Grieco she says she is absolutely not interested in joining the council. By scrolling through the list, the former councilor might have a chance Fabio Vizzacchero and again in the Democratic Party, the former vice mayor could be appointed as an external councilor Francesco Carlino that a lot was spent on the election of Gino Ranaldi.

Should there be resistance in the Democratic Party, Carlino could join the council as a share of the mayor. However, in the interview with LeggoCassino, Enzo Salera hinted that the mayor’s share of the department could also go to a representative of the ‘Orizzonte Comune’ or ‘Demos’ lists to try to give space to everyone: “We will certainly find the right synthesis” explained the mayor.


The one who does not aspire to a position on the council, as mentioned, is the PD councilor Sarah Grieco who surprisingly managed to win the election. You put a lot of effort into the opinion vote and were rewarded.

She explains that in the composition of the council, the choice of the government team is up to the mayor. “I’m sure – she adds – that those who have worked hard will be valued”, she adds. Then, commenting on the data relating to his election, he explains: “It was truly an extraordinary result, at the meeting I will fight to represent women, young people and the environment, which is what I have always believed in. Mine – she says – are votes of esteem and trust, not the result of agreements. I thank my team who has always supported me and believed in me. I wouldn’t have made it without it.”

The official proclamation of those elected is expected tomorrow. By June 23rd the senior councilor will therefore have to convene the first municipal council for the swearing-in and election of the prime minister. The meeting will probably be held by the end of the month, as will the appointment of the councillors: then the Salera bis will officially begin

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