Mafia between Catania and Ragusa, the blitz starts: 16 NOMI arrests

Mafia between Catania and Ragusa, the blitz starts: 16 NOMI arrests
Mafia between Catania and Ragusa, the blitz starts: 16 NOMI arrests

June 12, 2024, 06:30

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CATANIA – Mafia, the financiers of the Gico and the carabinieri of the Ragusa investigative unit they carried out an order from the Etna investigating magistrate with 16 arrests. The details.

Mafia, the financial blitz

The investigation, coordinated by the Catania Prosecutor’s Office, targeted the mafia families of Catania and Ragusa. The sixteen arrested are accused, for various reasons, of “mafia-type criminal associationexternal competition in a mafia association, illicit competition with threat or violence, attempted murder, extortion and attempted extortion, illegal possession of weapons and carrying in public places, possession, transport and sale of narcotic substances, ideological falsehood committed by private individuals, all aggravated crimes with mafia purposes”.

The investigations and the ‘boss’

A complex investigation by the carabinieri and financiers on horseback between the Iblean province and the Etna one, 7 years of in-depth investigations following the traces of Cosa Nostra in Vittoria, in the province of Ragusa, where what the investigators believe to be the “boss” dominated: Emanuele Greco known as ‘Elio’.

The names of those arrested

1 – Giuseppe Amore

  1. Francesco Bella;
  2. Orazio Mattia Bella;
  3. DI NATALE Gianluca Di Natale;
  4. Mauro Gesso;
  5. Roberto Gesso;
  6. Raffaele Giudice;
  7. Alberto Greco;
  8. Emanuele Greco;
  9. Nuccio Greco;
  10. Eugenio Gulizzi;
  11. Giuseppe Licata;
  12. Maurizio Piedigaci;
  13. Roberto Salerno;
  14. Gaetano Valenti;
  15. Filadelfo Zarbano.


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June 12, 2024, 06:30

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