Solidarity pact between USD Millenovecentoquattro and Siena Calcio Femminile.

Usd Millenovecentoquattro and Siena Calcio Femminile announce that they have carried out the formal and reciprocal exchange of a membership fee with the right to be present and vote in the other’s assembly to sanction the agreement reached. For Usd Millenovecentoquattro is the fourth promise of mutual solidarity after those with Io Tifo Mens Sana, Ricordi di Palio and CE Comunicazione Editoria. At the moment it is a possible aggregation of people and resources which already exceeds six hundred units and which promises future initiatives for the benefit of Siena with common goals and collective value.

For Siena Calcio Femminile this is a step confidently undertaken at the request of its members which reaffirms the existence of a common Juventus feeling and the desire to
to it to develop the future sports project. “Riccardo is legendary for us: he doesn’t even need to introduce himself – He says Francesca Guasparri, president of Usd Millenovecentoquattro: he is one of the few Sienese who has realized his dream of wearing black and white to a certain level. An association that was created to adapt the most popular sport to the needs of women has all our respect. Let’s keep in mind how important it could be in some time when Siena FC has grown further.”

“Millenovecentoquattro was born recently, but it has already achieved such important numbers and shown that it has so many ideas for Sienese sport – He says Riccardo Magrini, president of Siena Calcio Femminile -. It was natural to ask to bond in a more important way. We are very interested in participating in the future initiatives that Millenovecentoquattro intends to launch towards educational centers and, if Siena Fc allows, we would also like to include one of our symbols in the newborn’s kit in the future. For us it is an honor to have been contacted by Millenovecentoquattro, a transversal association of people who want the good of our beloved city”.

In the photo: the president of Use Millenovecentoquattro Francesca Guasparri and the president of Siena CF Riccardo Magrini

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