40 pages not to be missed: all the newspaper previews

40 pages not to be missed: all the newspaper previews
40 pages not to be missed: all the newspaper previews

National and regional final phases now in the final acts and special pages on the provincials of Milan. In addition to the National championships, where the triumph of Inter’s Under 14 team stands out, taking the Scudetto. Special focus as always on women’s football, with the most important matches of the week seen on the pitch for you. All in 40 pages on newsstands from Monday 27 May.


NATIONAL – Pages 3 and 4

SERIES D • PAGE 3 • Casatese, after Commisso I’m coming! also confirms Isella: the captain signs a two-year contract. Awards: Brusaporto, no one like you in Italy; Alcione third in the youth ranking. An interminable love story: 11 times Spilli with Varesina.

UNDER 19 NATIONAL • PAGE 4 • Chisola, you can dream big: Tritium eliminated amid controversy. Di Silvestro deceives, then the Piedmontese comeback: Marzio says goodbye to Varesina, destination Gavirate. Alcione alone from Lombardy, Piedmont doubles, Roma City like a roller.

UNDER NATIONALS • From page 5 to page 14

SPRING 1 • Page 5 • Regret Milan, out of the playoffs without big names. Abate greetings: he will no longer coach the Rossoneri. Sanà Fernandes equalizes and makes the Biancocelesti fly: it will be a Roman derby in the semi-final. Russo shatters Atalanta’s dream. Sassuolo reaches the semi-final. Dea eliminated by a goal from the top scorer.

SPRING 2-3-4 • Page 6 • Pro Vercelli, sting in the final. Modena flies to Primavera 2. The Piedmontese lose 4-0 in the return leg and postpone the discussion of promotion. Alessandria was relegated without being able to defend itself: the club was unable to organize the trip to Crotone and did not show up.

UNDER 18 • Page 7 • Milan collapse, Genoa avalanche. Atalanta, no second place. Roma defeats Zingonia and goes to the semi-finals, the Rossoneri are out of the playoffs, Cagliari is there. Devil overwhelmed at Vismara and out of the Scudetto race, the Goddess gives way to Roma and prepares to challenge Cagliari, Empoli and Parma mocked.

UNDER 16 AB SERIES • Page 8 • Inter in a landslide, another trio and semi-final close. Parma brave, it will be Mission Impossible. Atalanta, it’s not enough to dominate: Falcetta decides it. Juve, what are you up to? Paratici signs the double joke.

UNDER 15 SERIES AB • Page 9 • Rocca at the top corner, Ghizzani equalises. Inter-Empoli, everything postponed to the second leg. The rematch of the last Scudetto final ends 1-1: next week’s match will be decisive. Roma takes Vinovo and half the semi-final. Juventus, now you need the perfect match. The first leg was tinged with yellow and red thanks to Di Mascio’s goal.

UNDER 17 SERIES C • Page 10 • Renate: It’s a crazy undertaking. Cristiano flies to the quarter-finals. The Nerazzurri maintain a 0-0 draw which allows them to progress to the next round, with Spal out of the round of 16. Pro Vercelli and Albino: what comebacks! Both qualify as underdogs.

UNDER 15 SERIES C • Page 11 • Mazzola calls, Idahosa answers. The first leg was a draw: everything was postponed to the return leg. Sacco’s team will have two results out of three available for the semi-final. Pergolettese: double-sided draw. Picarelli scores again, return in sight.

UNDER 14 • Page 14 • Sensational Scudetto for the Under 14s. Inter, how devastating are you? The Nerazzurri are on top of Italy. Seven goals scored and none conceded, Sala’s Inter fans make Genoa and Verona cry.

REGIONAL • From page 18 to page 23

REPRESENTATIVE • PAGE 19 • First outing for the group of the (almost) 88 strongest 2010 players in Lombardy, who under the expert guidance of Dino Carrieri will form next year, in obviously smaller numbers, the Under 15 selection that will go to the Tournament of Regions. Two matches for each day for the two groups of 44 who tried to impress the Lombard staff between Biassono and Segrate.

NEWSLETTER • PAGE 20-21 • Chaos in Under 16: Rozzano out of the Elite race in favor of Real Calepina. Sports director Bucci: “It’s absurd, we’ll take legal action.” Meanwhile, the agreement between Aldini and Vogherese has been concluded: the latter’s national junior team will play in via Felice Orsini, the falchi field. On the transfer side, the first transfer bombs arrive: Luca Gnutti is the new head of the Schiaffino youth sector.

UNDER 16 • PAGE 22-22 • For an avalanche of Alcione there are three other teams that will try to take a throne from him that sees them as more than favourites: Brusaporto beats Crema, La Folgore overcomes Palazzolo and Vis Nova closes the Accademia Pavese practice with a hat trick. On the site the complete services of Alcione-Virtus Ciserano Bergamo, Brusaporto-Crema, Folgore Caratese-Palazzolo and Vis Nova-Accademia Pavese.

UNDER 14 • PAGE 24-25 • Ladies and gentlemen, even the gods fall: Varesina and Franco Scarioni say goodbye to the title race after being undefeated until now. Sarnico and Sangiuliano City accomplish the feat and fly to the semi-finals. On the site the complete reports on Franco Scarioni-Sangiuliano City, Varesina-Uesse Sarnico, Mario Rigamonti-Accademia Inter and Alcione-Biassono.

UNDER 17 • PAGE 26 • While waiting for Villa and Missaglia and Schuster-Morazzone, there are already the first two teams that will be able to play in the Elite next year with the 2008s: Vighenzi can celebrate after a year while penalty shots are needed to decide Fiorente in the regional A Colognola. All the scores in the newspaper.

UNDER 15 • PAGE 27 • All already set in stone, however, between 2009: a scream rises from Calvairate and bears the name of Talingdan, goal at the end and the Rossoneri brought to the Elite at the expense of Assago; Castellana just needs one goal to take home the match and category. Academy Brianza Olginatese and Breno were narrowly saved thanks to the return match: the Bianconeri won against Calepina and Breno eliminated Folgore Caratese. On the site the complete services on Real Calepina-Academy Brianza Olginatese and Calvairate-Assago.

MILAN – From page 28 to page 31

NEWSLETTER • PAGES 28-29 • Sempione looks to the future and does so with great news: the acquisition of Quarto Sport by Nerazzurri president Andrea Marcon is official. Consolidating the Regionals, the flourishing of the Football School and renovations of the sports center: these and others are the objectives set by the Director and Director Ciccarello. At Bonola, however, General Director Lucio Rivera sums up a growing season in the club which allowed him to start again. Then two farewell stories: Luigi Mariani leaves Viscontini after three years of success, Salvatore Sacco bids farewell to FC Milanese in 2009 after the Provincial Title

UNDER 17-15 • PAGES 30-31 • Season is over and it’s time to take stock but above all for the Top 11. On the page the first tranche of the best in the Milan Delegation, plus some gems among the excellent excluded and the big match of the season. We start with Under 17 and Under 15.

AMATEURS – Page 15, from page 32 to page 37

UNDER 18/19 REGIONAL • PAGE 15 • Post-crossbar, Rozzano chews wood. Battaglia: «The boys were exemplary». Morazzone flies to the semi-finals: Mocellin and Ruzza overturn Rive Flaibano. The match against Lastrigiana will take place on Wednesday in Morazzello.

EXCELLENCE • PAGES 32 AND 33 • Tricarica Solbiatese: the Nerazzurri choose the former Saronno. After Gatti’s farewell, Caronnese is betting everything on Ferri. Cisanese, Bertarelli is there. Lemine is very active, Muggiò is Venantini’s idea. Ballgjin-Vergiatese: it’s a flashback. The consecration of Pantarone Avinci: a stunning brace, Magenta believes in it. Mapello, Zambelli is your only hope. Poker Cairese, now the titanic undertaking is needed.

PROMOTION • PAGES 34 AND 35 • Score of 10 and praise: Andrea Zingari is from Vighi. Baranza starts again from Tomanin, BMV Academy here is Stincone. Lesmo, the shot is Mastrolonardo; with him also sporting director Fumagalli. Cinisello changes in sight, Berberi greets in surprise. Dear, Seregno new destination. Zanus says goodbye to Rho after 8 years. Cinisello, the story is now very close: Berton mortgages the passage to Excellence. Casati Arcore, the leap is still possible: Nava supports Vianello and waits for the playoffs. Senseless Robbio: 4 goals in twenty minutes.

UNDER 19 REGIONAL • PAGE 36 • Calvairate-Crippa, a record year and separation. For Segrate there is a familiar face: Fabio Gatto. He opens the Tallarita company in Rovellasca. Luciano Manara, reins to Marangi. There’s a change in Solaro: Gemelli is no longer the coach.

UNDER 18 REGIONAL • PAGE 37 • Transfer barrels: exchange between top scorers. Cislaghi, returning from the national team after six months? Under 18 yes or no? A category in the balance between teams in doubt about registration and the first confirmations of coaches for the Under 19s. Rozzi, Codecasa is there for the bench. Davide Stroppa retires after 32 years. Opera, Tagliaferri will coach the Under 19 Group B.

FEMALE – Page 38 and 39

YOUTH • Weekend full of great matches on the road to the Scudetto. In the Under 17s, Inter and Milan finished with a victory over Monza and Atalanta respectively. Rossonere one step away from qualification after the victory over Livorno in the Under 15s, Inter took revenge on Sassolo, but it was a bitter victory. The great tale of Pro Sesto continues, beating Torino and now seeing the quarter-finals up close.

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