Art exhibition to relaunch the Villa – Teramo

ROSE GARDEN. The opening vernissage of the artistic exhibition “Correnti” was held on Friday evening in the municipal villa of Roseto, the first appointment of the “Villa in Arte” project wanted by the municipal administration to relaunch the historic cultural place recently reopened and curated by the director artistic Bruno Cerasi. The exhibition, open until 9 June, features the works of the Rosetan artists Luciano Astolfi, Flavia Di Bonaventura (who died at the age of 22 in a road accident), Chiara Fiori, Daniele Guerrieri, Giuseppe Lucantoni, Cristina Mazzocchetti, Giulia Quintiliani, Samuele Romano , Lucia Santarelli, Silvia Settepanella, Guerino Tentarelli, Pasquale Testa and Loriana Valentini. «“ Correnti ”is an exhibition that contains many gems to discover, which concern our city and our history», explains Cerasi, «art unites us and allows us to talk about Flavia in the present and I sincerely thank the family members of she. Thanks to the administration and in particular to Francesco Luciani. Thanks to all the artists who participated in this first exhibition and to all the people who collaborated in the logistics and organization of this first event.” «Our desire is to give young people the opportunity to return to active culture», adds the councilor for culture Luciani, «we started with Roseto Art.Lab, continued with “Il Bello Resta” and today we are here to reopen the municipal villa with a series of exhibitions”.(ec)

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