While she is loading her shopping in the car, her bag is stolen from the seat, an elderly victim in Latina

LATINA – Robbed while she was loading the shopping. It happened outside one of the capital’s shopping centers yesterday afternoon. When a lady of about 80 years old from the capital, who was arranging the bags inside the car, placed her bag on the passenger seat. She had the documents and 150 euros in cash.

The criminals, taking advantage of the moment, stole the bag and fled before the woman realized what had happened. A passerby, however, managed to notice the thieves’ lightning-fast action. “There were at least two of them – he told the woman – They were young, of South American origin between 25 and 30 years old”.

The victim reported the incident to the police. The police are now investigating and trying to understand whether the scene may have been filmed by video surveillance cameras. The procedure is similar to other episodes that have occurred recently in the Pontine capital.

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