Marche Region: “129 thousand outpatient services recovered”

Ancona.– From 1 July to 31 December 2023 they were recovered in the Marche 129,521 outpatient services in six months compared to the 58,991 foreseen by the regional council resolution relating to the regional operational plan. As regards hospital admissions, the recovery amounts to 14,043 operations. This is supported byArs MarcheRegional Health Agency.

As regards the reorganization of the Cup, Ars informs that in 2025 the contract relating to the provision of the service of the Single Booking Center of the Marche Region will expire, for this reason, in a preventive manner and given the approaching deadline, a group of professionals coordinated by the Ars of the Marche Region are proceeding with the writing of the specifications, providing for the inclusion of some technical specifications considered qualifying within the new CUP specifications.

To reduce waiting lists, new hirings of doctors are also planned and in this regard the Health Department of the Marche Region announces that they have been put up for competition 140 positions for the permanent recruitment of medical managers which will be introduced into the National Health System (Companies and Institutions) and further 13 permanent positions with procedures to be announced soon. The recruitment procedures concern 39 different medical disciplines, crucial for people’s health.

photo: Urbino hospital team

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