Foligno, “Beethoven 5” concert on Sunday 21st at the Auditorium

Unmissable symphony event with the Friends of Music. The Fifth Symphony and Concerto No. 5 entrusted to the Orchestra of the Abruzzo Symphonic Institution and to the piano of the young rising star Yuanfan Yang

Foligno, 18 April 2024 – Great anticipation for “Beethoven 5”, the first extraordinary symphonic event of the Amici della Musica Season in Foligno.

Scheduled Sunday 21 April at the San Domenico Auditorium, 5pmthe very famous Symphony No. 5 by Ludvig Van Beethoven and Concerto No. 5 “Emperor” for piano and orchestra. The prestigious one on stage Orchestra of the Abruzzo Symphonic Institution directed by Marco Boni and the piano of Yuanfan Yangwinner of the “Alessandro Casagrande” International Piano Competition in 2022.

Born from a collaboration between the Foligno musical association, the Abruzzo Symphonic Institution and the Alessandro Casagrande Foundation, included in the 2023 program which was then postponed, the concert will be one of the key events of the season entrusted to the two Beethoven symphonic masterpieces considered among the most glorious pages and universally known in musical literature of all time.

On the podium of Abruzzo Symphony Orchestrafounded in 1970 and today among the thirteen concert institutions recognized by the Ministry of Culture, the director Marco Boni, international experience and success, with a repertoire that ranges from baroque to contemporary. In 2012 he became Honorary Conductor of the members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, after having been principal conductor of the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra for 18 years, with tours in various parts of the world.

Cellist and founder of the Virtuosi Italiani in the 1980s, he conducted concerts as well as collaborating with numerous chamber orchestras: Chamber Orchestra of Mantua, Orchestra of Padua and Veneto, Chamber Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, I Solisti della Scala. He regularly collaborates with symphony orchestras.

However, he was just ten years old when the BBC broadcast some songs composed by Yuanfan Yang born in 1997 in Edinburgh to a Chinese family. A pianist on the rise, versatile composer and skilled improviser, he trained at the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music in London, winning numerous competitions including the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition, the 2018 Chopin Prize, the prize for the most young finalist at the Roma International Piano Competition 2018, the International Piano Competition of Young Artists of Cleveland, the 4th International Franz Liszt Competition of Weimar.

As for the program, the denomination “Emperor” of Concert no. 5 for piano and orchestra it is not originally from Beethoven: it was a publicity stunt by the publisher. But the grandeur of the composition and the staff justify the title. While the motto of the Fifth Symphony – with the famous four initial hieratic blasts – is perhaps the most famous in the history of music. Even in this composition energy is the watchword.

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