Jeremy Renner, sources close to the ‘Avengers’ star: he risks having his leg amputated

Not good news about the health of Jeremy Rennerarriving from the hospital in the Washoe county town, where the American actor was rushed to the hospital on January 1, after being crushed under a 1,200-pound snowplow near his ranch above Lake Tahoe, between the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Fears and concern for the leg

The interpreter of the character of Hawkeye of the world Marvel could carry the consequences of the accident for life. Some fear even the amputation of a leg may be necessary. Were sources close to the actor, cited by the site RadarOnline, to report this terrible hypothesis. While Renner’s staff, who has already undergone two surgeries, haven’t received news for days.

“Doubts that he will be able to walk again as before”

“Jeremy has already undergone two difficult operations – a family confidant told the American magazine – But there are serious doubts that he will ever be able to walk properly again”. And it is the same confidant who reveals that Renner’s family “fear that the injuries are so serious that he will never be able to move as before, or even completely lose his leg”.

The heavy bleeding in the leg

Renner’s wounds had immediately appeared extremely serious, with the crushing of the right side of his chest and the collapsed upper part of his torso, but what immediately worried the doctors was his leg, which suffered a very serious wound, with a heavy bleeding fortunately stopped by a doctor next door who applied a tourniquet.

A worrying silence

Since last Tuesday, the actor has not published news about his conditions: a few days after his hospitalization he had posted some images: “Thanks to all for the kind words. I’m in too bad shape to write, but I send affection to all of you”, wrote the January 4 from the hospital bed, showing a swollen face.

spa moment

The next day, in a new post, he showed himself having his hair washed by a family member, strictly under a plastic cap and with an oxygen mask on his face. Despite the very difficult moment, the actor hadn’t missed the opportunity for a joke, however, defining that delicate moment as a “spa moment”.

Oxygen birthday party

Then, on Tuesday 10 January, an Instagram story, on the occasion of his 52nd birthday, celebrated in the hospital, surrounded not only by his family members, but also by a large number of healthcare workers who did everything to save his life and so, through the social, Renner had wanted to thank them.

The photo posted by Jeremy Renner in the stories of his Instagram account

A bad look

But it didn’t escape fans that Renner, a two-time Oscar nominee for his roles in The hurt locker And The town he has a very bad look, as well as being on oxygen with a mask covering his nose and mouth. Now all that remains is to hope and wait for the official press releases on Renner’s state of health. “Anyone who knows Jeremy knows that he is a fighter – his family had written on social media – he is not one to give up”.

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