“He beats her to death every week”, Fabrizio Corona: his girlfriend’s medical report comes out and the ‘complaint’ arrives

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Terrible report on Fabrizio Corona, some sources have revealed that he beats his girlfriend, soon to be the mother of his child.

Incredible scoop published by the newspaper Who on yesterday’s day that concerns one of the most controversial characters in Italian entertainment. We are talking about Fabrizio Corona which according to the statements of the newspaper directed by Alfonso Signorini would stand for become a father for the second time. News subsequently confirmed by the same Corona who admitted that he was literally over the moon about this news.

After Carlos Maria, first child from his turbulent marriage to the model Nina MoricFabrizio faces fatherhood at the age of 50 thanks to the pregnancy of his girlfriend Sara Barbieri. The two have been together for about three years and have a big age difference taking into account that the Sara is just 24 years old. In short, Fabrizio’s stormy life never ceases to amaze and many wonder whether, following this news which is so important for his private life, it is not it’s time to get your head straight.

However, in the wake of the media storm, not everyone took the news of this pregnancy well and there are those who, experts in gossip for years, have decided to reveal a really strong backstory on the relationship between Fabrizio Corona and Sara Barbieri. This is Alessandro Rosica aka Social investigator: immediately after the news broke, the man published a shocking post that puts Corona in a very uncomfortable position.

Apparently, according to the statements made on social media by Rosica, the history between them is anything but healthy and the ex king of the paparazzi would mistreat and systematically beat his partner Sara. A shocking accusation aimed at Corona who, however, seems to have no intention of letting Rosica win: in fact, for now, everything is silent.

Fabrizio Corona, a controversial character with a complex past

Born in Catania in 1974, Corona became famous as a paparazzo and entrepreneur in the tabloid photography sector. However, his career was marked by numerous scandals and legal problems. In 2007, Corona was arrested as part of the “Vallettopoli” investigation, which revealed a vast system of extortion and corruption in the entertainment world Italian. Accused of blackmail against famous personalities, Corona was sentenced to serve several years in prison. His public image was further compromised by various incidents of probation violations and additional charges of tax fraud.

Despite his legal troubles, Fabrizio Corona has managed to maintain considerable media visibility. He has written autobiographical books and has participated in various television programs, telling stories his version of events and trying to rebuild his life. His story is a mix of successes and failures, which continues to attract the attention of the Italian public. Today, Corona represents a controversial figure: on the one hand criticized for his questionable behavior, on the other followed and admired for his ability to reinvent himself and resist adversity.

The report and the commentary – Fortementein.com

What is the future of Corona?

Anyway, now Fabrizio he will find himself facing one new media storm, the result of some of the most serious accusations ever received. According to the version written on Instagram by Alessandro Rosica, Fabrizio’s girlfriend, would have sent him images of the beatings he received from his partneror, perhaps in the hope of unmasking Fabrizio. Yet, there would be no complaint on record of harassment against Barbieri by the man and this would clearly be an advantage for Corona and not for Rosica.

The latter, meanwhile, makes another important accusation in his post: according to him several people in the environment are aware of the facts but they don’t speak because “Fabrizio has everyone by the balls except me…” quoting Rosica’s exact words. In short, it is clear that the situation is extremely complicated and in light of these statements and Sara’s pregnancy, it is probable that Corona may decide to make a statement “about her”, categorically denying the accusations of Alessandro Rosica and who knows his truth.

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