The Ladies’ Paradise 8, from 29 April to 3 May

Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, from 29 April to 3 May 2024, will show the end of Umberto Guarnieri, what will happen to him? Finally the evil man will be unmasked! On Rai 1 we will see the finale of the soap that thrilled everyone, will justice win?

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, previews May 3, 2024: Umberto Guarnieri unmasked will pay for the harm done

The unpublished episodes of the Soap will be broadcast on Rai1 at 4.00 pm. Flora would like to help Marcello, ruining Umberto Guarnieri, she has fundamental evidence in hand. Adelaide di Sant’Erasmo has decided who to entrust with the management of her assets.

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Vittorio Conti and Matilde Frigerio are more in love than ever and are planning their future life. Projects incite Tancredi’s revenge. Elvira will receive a special task from Roberto and Vittorio for the next issue of Paradiso Market, and Irene will make a final decision on the proposal that Leonardo Crespi made to her.

Flora’s ideas are increasingly confused

She needs to move away from Umberto, who has lost the opportunity to return to administering Countess Adelaide’s finances. Maria leaves Milan to move to Paris and Botteri will be appointed Paradiso’s new official stylist.

Marta Guarnieri will inform Vittorio and Matilde of Tancredi’s perfidious plan, ready to divide the loving couple forever, and then hide in the family home for fear of retaliation from the perfidious cousin.

Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 will not be broadcast on Wednesday 1 May 2024

Maria Puglisi and Matteo Portelli will leave for Paris, Irene will confirm to Crespi that they will see each other in England in the summer. Alfredo will take refuge in Clara’s arms, Adelaide will unmask Umberto and his evil plans. Tancredi has perpetrated his revenge by denouncing Matilde, who now risks being arrested by Inspector Maresca: what will Conti do to save the woman he loves from prison?

While Flora has made a decision about her relationship with Umberto Guarnieri, Vittorio summons Roberto and Marcello to talk about a very important matter. The love story between Elvira and Salvatore will take off, the two are increasingly in love and she would like to talk about the new relationship to her family too. Maresca is about to arrest Matilde right at the gates of Paradise, someone intervenes to help Frigerio and allow her to peacefully experience her love for Vittorio. Who is it about?


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