Panic among Maneskin fans, Ethan shaved to zero before the concert: “But is it a joke?” – The video and photos

After Damian DavidAlso Ethan of the Maneskins had his hair shaved off, or so it seems. The photos published on the official profile of the Italian pop-rock band show the drummer holding a razor blade, intent on shaving his long, flowing hair hair that distinguished him. But also Ethan shaved to zero at a restaurant table; Ethan outside the Palaflorio in Bari where yesterday evening, Friday March 31st, the band performed in one of the main events of its schedule; and also an Ethan, bald, escorted by two bodyguard. Drastic and sudden change of look or a April Fool successful? The videos of the concert the day before in the Apulian capital, where the drummer can be seen playing with (still) his thick hair, suggest that it is really a joke. And also successful, according to the (incredulous) comments of their fans, who were not long in coming. “But is this a joke?” they write under the post on Instagram. “Please tell me it’s just an April Fool’s joke or I’m going to faint,” she reads. “It’s not funny” or “No, please. You too», writes a user, referring to the decision of the frontman of the band that only one month decided to change their look for the launch of the new single.

Instagram story Maneskin official | Ethan during the concert in Bari

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