Al Bano Carrisi and that very sad confession about Ylenia after years: “I immediately understood that it was…”

Al Bano – (source youtube)

Al Bano Carrisi retraces many years later his impressions on the disappearance of his beloved daughter Ylenia Maria Sole.

The granite singer from Cellino has dominated the musical landscape for years in a tricolor sauce. His long-lived and successful career, which began in 1956, has paid him well over the years 26 gold and 8 platinum discstotaling the remarkable number of 59 albums released, 23 of them solo.

The lucky single “Happiness”, performed in tandem with the wife Romina Power, has consecrated the couple in the Olympus of local icons, also establishing itself as an anthem and memento for millions of Italian families. Unfortunately the partnership between Al Bano and Rominahowever, did not enjoy the longevity promised in the hit: the couple in fact separated their respective sentimental and artistic paths in 1995, after painful family vicissitudes.

Although the couple built a cover family, giving birth 4 children loved ones, the disappearance of the eldest daughter Ylenia Maria Sole in 1993 it disintegrated the balance between the two singers.

Al Bano admits years later: “I understood immediately”

Many couples cannot handle the sudden disappearance or death of a child and, although Ylenia Carrisi was declared dead presumed only in 2014 by the Court of BrindisiAl Bano confesses that he feared his death from the initial stages of the drama.

During an interview with Peter Gomez in the program “La confessione”, the singer recalled the events following that terrible one 31 December 1993. The Carrisi family had lost track of Ylenia, and had followed her last moves as far as the city of New Orleans, promptly starting search activities on site.

Al Bano recalled: “Talk about her it’s not easy for mebecause it is as if someone, when he speaks to you, wants to open this wound that never stops bleeding every time. The pain was immensewill always remain immense because when a daughter is lost, and then you don’t even know where it wentmaybe leave a tear, leave a flower…“.

The performer also admitted that, unlike his wife, at the time he immediately sensed that his daughter might have embraced the worst fate. “I knew right away that she might be dead. From a sentence of his: ‘I belong to the waters’… He had this way of thinking…”. Selfaccording to the testimony of a passerby, in fact, Ylenia had been spotted for the last time astride a bridge over the Mississippi.

Al Bano and Ylenia Carrisi – (source youtube)

The end of the marriage between Al Bano and Romina

Al Bano finally summed up about the end of his marriage: “Between me and Romina things hadn’t been right for 3 or 4 years. But a crisis in a couple can always arise, when you don’t know it, and when it comes if you love you know how to wait, you know how to combine time with patience: which I did. But when I realized that there was nothing left to do… You rightly so he demanded what he had a right to demandto change her life, to leave the place she herself had chosen, well, we know the rest of the story…“.

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