Windshield, never make these two mistakes: you ruin it I Nobody thinks about it


Taking care of your car goes through a long series of important maintenance operations which, however, are often neglected: such as taking care of the windscreen and windscreen wipers.

How should you act if you take care – as it should always be, after all – of your windshield and gods windshield wipers? What are the operations from Do and those instead from avoid?

Very many people are addicted, and also with excellent results, to true and healthy DIY practices when it comes to maintenance of your own vehicle. And in some cases, the choice is wise and correct.

It is always advisable, where one has a minimum Of dexterity and subject matter expertise, try to do it yourself to be able to take better care of your car, without necessarily spending capital.

It is clear that the assistance of some professional, whatever our needs in terms of looking after our car, it can get us to ‘checkers’, as they say, in times and ways quick.

Windshield, avoid this action or you will damage it

Playing on the safe side can be convenient for us when and if we have little time or need compelling or if just the do-it-yourself it doesn’t fit our strings. In all other cases, why not do it yourself?


Especially for some car components such as the windscreen hey wipers which, precisely, not being components mechanical or electric, they can be cured without too many anxieties.

However, there are some things that must not be done even when it is time to treat the windscreen because, in fact, these are errors that can cost us dreally dear. As?

First of all, we can irreversibly damage the windshield and then, secondly, to fix it, we would be forced to wallets to repair hitch.

Windshield and windshield wipers: protect them like this

What are we talking about? The main mistake we usually make about the windscreen is related to the use of cleaners not recommended. How to move from this point of view?


Several glazing products have within them ammoniawhich is perfect for removing dirt from home windows, but not when it comes to car windows warming such as car rear windows or windshields.

In fact, when you clean your car, you should only ever use one specific detergent for this feature and avoid the ammonia because it spoils it.

Another aspect to watch out for is the change of gods wipers. When you notice that the windscreen wiper leaves streaks when you use it, this becomes a obstacle at the visibility. And a danger to us.

So the omnia rule is: change the brush of the windshield wipers, in theory, at least once every six months or when you feel that scratch on the glass.

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