Books, Elide Pantoli presents “Modern Cinderellas” at the Parchino Bistrot

Tuesday 18 June, from 6.30 pm at the Parchino Bistrot in the Odeon City Center Park, there will be a presentation of the book “Modern Cinderellas. A feminist guide to love for spinsters, (non) mothers and rebellious partners” by Elide Pantoli, published by Le Plurali Publisher and preface by the journalist and writer Jennifer Guerra. The event is organized by the LGBTQ+ Listening Center L’Approdo.

We live in a society where women are still seen first and foremost as partners, wives and mothers, and where “true love” is considered to be within a couple, possibly married and with children. But does it have to be this way? Starting from stock phrases and clichés, this compass deconstructs myths and stereotypes about single women, motherhood and romantic love. It will show you why being single is not “a problem to be solved”, and what lies behind the social pressure of “having children” and finding your half of the apple. This irreverent guide proposes, in fact, many other forms of “true love” from which to start again to form what the author calls each one’s chosen family. And don’t be fooled by the light and fun tone, the guide contains theoretical insights into how and why the way we love is influenced by patriarchy and capitalism. Whether you are a single or coupled woman, with or without children… are you ready to start writing a new happy ending for your story?

Elide Pantoli is a feminist activist, founder of the “Modern Cin-derellas Italia” project. Elide is a relational anarchist, polyamorous, single, childfree and madly in love with her life, her network of friends and community. Her dream is to change the definition of “true love” imposed by patriarchal capitalism and begin to recognize that each of us loves in our own way. Elide has a doctorate in structural engineering from the University of California San Diego. Proudly from Romagna, she has lived in the United States for fifteen years.

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