Today General Vannacci in Capo d’Orlando to present his books

There is a lot of anticipation for the arrival of General Roberto Vannacci in Capo d’Orlando.

At 6pm, at the “Bent Parodi di Belsito” cultural center in Villa Piccolo in Capo d’Orlando, the debate meeting for the presentation of his books “The world upside down” and “Courage wins”.

Entrance will be free.

Doctor will moderate Calogero Ingrillìpublic prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trento.

The intervention of the president of the “Famiglia Piccolo di Calanovella” Foundation, a lawyer, is expected Andrea Pruiti Ciarello which, in all likelihood, will act as a contradictory given his well-known liberal vocation.

The initiative is sponsored not only by the Foundation but also by the Regional Councilor for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity.

Roberto Vannacci is 54 years old. As stated on the Army page on his CV, he attended the 168th Course of the Military Academy and the Application School, the War School, the Higher General Staff Course in Romania, the 6th Higher General Staff Course Joint forces and most of the specific national and NATO courses for Special Forces.

He obtained a master’s degree in Strategic Sciences from the University of Turin, a master’s degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the University of Trieste and a master’s degree in Military Sciences from the University of Bucharest.

He also obtained the 2nd level Master’s degree in Strategic Sciences from the University of Turin and the 2nd level Master’s degree in International Strategic-Military Studies in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan and the LUISS University of Rome.

Commander of the military geographical institute of Florence, he was removed from the leadership after the controversy over the contents of his volume “The world upside down”.

He has participated in numerous missions and received assignments in many hot scenarios on the planet, from the Balkans to Libya, from Afghanistan to Iraq.


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