Incogni at half price: delete your data from the web

Incogni costs now half price and offers an effective solution to delete your data from the web. This way, your privacy will benefit greatly. By choosing the annual subscription, you will get the 50% off%. If you activate it, no more scams, phishing and identity theft. So, why don’t you take advantage of it?

Removal of your personal information extends from search engines to data broker archives, who often sell this information to third parties for advertising purposes. With Incogni, the entire cancellation process is automated. At any time, you can check the status of your removal requests via a dedicated page which offers all the details of the service.

Although the monthly plan subscription option is available, opting out in favor of the annual offer allows you to benefit from the significant discount. Plus, if you want to extend protection to family or friends, there’s a plan Family & Friend up to five people and includes the same 50% off%.

Incogni is part of the solutions of North Securitya company known for other products such as NordVPNNordLayer, NordPass, NordStellar and NordLocker, all dedicated to the security and management of digital data. By visiting the official website, you can discover further information and advantages, including the money back guarantee, which allows you to request a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days.

So, if you really care about your online privacy, take advantage of Incogni a’s offer half price. If you do, you’re taking an important step toward greater digital security.

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