Alessandra Belardini, from the police to books: her “Saponette” presented to the public and flies to the Turin Motor Show

Alessandra Belardini, from the police to books: her “Saponette” presented to the public and flies to the Turin Motor Show
Alessandra Belardini, from the police to books: her “Saponette” presented to the public and flies to the Turin Motor Show

“Saponette” (Betti editrice), the first book by Alessandra Belardini, born in the police uniform, was presented on Saturday afternoon in Abbadia Isola in a packed room. Alongside the author, the mayor of Monteriggioni Andrea Frosini spoke in a personal capacity given his long friendship with Alessandra, Nunzia Ciardi, friend and colleague of the writer, and the publisher. In the front rows are her two children Alberto and Adriana “who are my life”.

In 253 pages “Saponette” becomes for Alessandra the friend to whom she can entrust her being, a silent traveling companion and perhaps for this very reason capable of embracing without making judgements, the difficulties, the remorse, the happy and sad moments of a woman who he lived a thousand lives. Belardini was born in Rome and was very young when she arrived at the Siena police station; it is at that moment that she chooses to live in Monteriggioni because, as she said, “it is my permanent place in the world”. You joined the police in 1996 and traveled throughout Italy holding various positions. In 2013 she joined the postal police and is currently manager of the Cyber ​​Security Operations Center of Lazio.

“Alessandra – underlined the mayor – is capable of giving affection and receiving it given the presence of those (and there are many) who are here this afternoon. While the interventions follow one another we carefully look at the cover of the book, Monteriggioni opens up in all its beauty and among the colors (the green of this land and the blue of the police uniform as underlined by the writer) many small soap bubbles that mark the first steps of a non-imaginary journey. Belardini only gave fictional names to the protagonists, for the rest it is a cross-section of real life faced with conscious courage. It’s the therapy of writing: a blank sheet of paper that slowly comes to life through words and when you reread them your pace becomes quicker and the climb seems less tiring. Confirming, at least in part, this interpretation is Alessandra herself when she states that she wrote the book “for myself to free myself from many things”, then the discussion shifts to lifelong friends and colleagues Alessandra and Donata and defines them as “my safe conduct in these difficult years”.

It was difficult for the writer to put aside affections and memories and talk about this afternoon in Abbadia Isola with “Saponette” by Alessandra Belardini. Many things happened in those distant years in Siena: we were on two different banks, she a policeman and I a journalist, but we looked at the same river and had the same objectives: truth and justice. Nothing has changed since then, so much so that the proceeds from the book will be donated to an organization that fights to get young people out of the tunnel of gambling addiction. The book, among other things, will be presented on 10 and 11 May at the Turin show. So Belardini doesn’t stop, so much so that she confesses that she has already written the sequel to “Saponette”. I agree, you can’t suddenly stop and abandon the intriguing mystery of writing, especially when, as Kafka said, “a book becomes an ax to break the frozen sea that is within us”.

Cecilia Marzotti


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