France, knife attack on the metro in Lyon: 4 injured

Four people were injured early this afternoon in a knife attack in the Jean-Jaurès metro in the French city of Lyon. This was reported by Reuters, citing local authorities. The attack occurred in a carriage between the Oullins and Charpennes stations. The stabber, arrested on the spot, as reported by the local newspaper Le Progrès, is a 27-year-old man who has already been hospitalized in the past for psychiatric disorders.

Attacker arrested on the spot

According to what was communicated by the deputy head of security in the city Mohamed Chihi, in a post on X, the attacker was arrested on the spot by police officers. “Our thoughts go out to the injured people,” he added. According to the local newspaper, the man had been noticed behaving strangely on the subway platforms before the attack.
The witnesses ruled out that he uttered ideological or religious words when he attacked the victims. According to a spokesperson for the metro security service, the carriage was full at the time the man took action. Immediately after the stabbings, the attacker attempted to get rid of the weapon, a switchblade, which was later found on him, along with a passport.

2 seriously injured, but out of danger

The injured, as mentioned, are 4, two hit in the abdomen and quite serious, but out of danger. The other two suffered stab wounds in the arms. A woman in shock who witnessed the attack was also taken to hospital. In fact, the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office was not involved.


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