The Promise, spoiler for April 5: Jana reveals to Curro that she is his sister. About her Her reaction

The Promise, spoiler for April 5: Jana reveals to Curro that she is his sister. About her Her reaction
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Previews of the series The promiseuntil April 5, reveal a big twist regarding Jana and Curro.

The success of the Spanish series La Promessa continues on Rete4: in the next episodes airing until April 5th there will be an incredible twist. We have known the real identity of the protagonist Jana for some time now: the latter, however, will decide to reveal everything to Curro.

The Promise previews: Jana confesses everything to Curro – /

The effects will be devastating for Curro, who will also have to face Martina’s confession. In all this, Jimena will worry and not a little after the accident. Ultimately, Cruz will decide to return to the estate.

Previews The promise

Let’s start with Jimena. The woman, to ward off her husband’s suspicions about her, decides to hit herself on the head, creating a false accident. The young woman will lose consciousness and when she wakes up she will tell Manuel not to remember anything about her. Jana, however, will explain to Manuel that it is her in her opinion of yet another deception by his wife but Manuel, not believing this version of events, will skip the Herzog Staackman Cup so as not to leave her alone at home. Meanwhile, Martina will convince her uncle that Beatriz is mentally unstable and will have her removedbut his revenge plan has only just begun.

Don Alonso will allow Pia to sleep with Don Rodrigo but the plan will not go as planned: the woman will not be happy given the man’s constant snoring. Carlos will agree to participate in the famous dinner and Simone will try to prevent Candela from discovering that it was he who wrote her letters signed in the name of her children. Martinez will ask for the maestro’s dismissal but Romulo will increase his salary so as not to make him go away.

The Promise previews: Curro discovers the whole truth – /

Cruz, as mentioned, will return to the estate unexpectedly: the decision will infuriate Elisa who will accuse Don Alonso of not having asked her opinion. The Marquise will lash out at Manuel, accusing him of having left the estate in the hands of Catalina. But that’s not all: Jana will look for the house where she spent her last years together with her family. The young Exposito will convince herself that the time has come to confess everything to Curro: her name is Marcos and she is her sister. But there will also be other confessions: Lope will reveal to Salvador that he is still in love with Maria, while Martina will confess to Curro that she loves him.

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