RC Auto 2023: the price trend for the month of April

RC Auto 2023: the price trend for the month of April
RC Auto 2023: the price trend for the month of April

The average price of Motor TPL in April 2023 marks a +18.36% every year: to say it is the last Auto Observatory elaborated by Segugio.itaccording to which the amount stood at 405.3 euros, against the 342.91 recorded in the same month last year.

Looking at the trend in singles Regionsit turns out that increases are double-digit everywhere. The peak was recorded in Molise,+25.3%, where the average premium went from 294.5 euros in April 2022 to 369.2 euros in April 2023, followed by Valle d’Aosta, +23.9%, Basilicata, +21.4% , Lombardy, +21.3%, and Piedmont, +21.1%. The most “lucky” Regions are instead Calabria, Campania and Abruzzo, with increases of 10.6%, 12.1% and 13% respectively.

By shifting the focus to Provincesprice increases are more contained in Catanzaro (+0.82%), L’Aquila (+3.92%), Lodi (+4.02%), Barletta Andria Trani (+5.01%) and Crotone (+5.42%). At the head of the ranking of the increases there are instead Isernia (+38.7%), South Sardinia (35.8%), Asti (+35.7%) and Benevento (+30.5%).

The characteristics of the policies: accessory guarantees and black box

Among the ancillary guarantees most requested by motorists we find roadside assistance, with a percentage just over 47%, legal protection, with 25.9%, and driver accident insurance, with 23.9%: the latter is particularly useful because it covers the costs incurred for the tow truck in the event of a breakdown or accident. The average premium of the three guarantees, to be added to the Motor TPL premium, is respectively 20.4 euros, 14.5 euros and 28.3 euros.

As for instead motor liability contracts which include the black box records as of April 2023 13.64% of the totalan increase compared to the 11.3% recorded in April 2022. The device reaches particularly high percentages in demand in Campania and Calabria, 44.2% and 26.1% respectively, while it is not very much in demand in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 5.9 %, and Valle d’Aosta, 6.6%.

RC Auto: how to save?

Sound advice is to evaluate the RC Auto estimates of other companies at the time of renewal: according to a study prepared by IVASS, the Institute for Insurance Supervision, companies apply a discount of between 12 and 19% to new policyholders compared to those who renew, other conditions being equal.

Also, it is helpful to use an auto insurance comparison service. According to Observatory data, the comparison allows you to save over 50% on the premium in 31.3% of cases and between 25 and 50% in 61.01% of cases.

An example of current motor liability rates

With Hound.it it is possible to compare the best car insurance offered by the various partner companies.

An example? Let’s assume a request for one 34-year-old motorist (employee, eleventh class of merit, license never suspended, no accidents in the last five years, average annual distance traveled of 10,000 kilometres), resident in Laion (province of Bolzano), who wants to insure a Dacia Duster first series 1.5 diesel registered in 2017.

According to Segugio.it, the cheapest rate is proposed by the Quixa quote, which only charges 215.00 euros for the twelve months of the contract – price updated to May 2023. Quixa’s insurance applies an expert driving formula, which allows the use of the insured vehicle to all drivers over the age of 22 and at least two years of driving license. The policy limit is the minimum required by law, i.e. 6.45 million euros for damage to people and 1.3 million euros for damage to things: the insurance also guarantees civil liability for damage caused to third parties by traffic in private areas not open to the public.

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