mystery about the death of a transgender woman

A dull thud and a body found lying on the ground, that of a thirty-six year old transsexual of Brazilian origins. It happened in Rimini in via Carridi, in the seaside area, just before 3 pm on Thursday 25 March. A violent and mysterious death after a flight of thirty meters from the window of the residence where he was staying. A tragedy that has left the neighbors dismayed that for the carabinieri coordinated by the Rimini prosecutor’s office (the prosecutor on duty is Paola Bonetti) is a yellow-colored affair to be reconstructed.

It investigates in several directions

The file opened by the magistrate leaves nothing to chance, it investigates at three hundred and sixty degrees on all tracks, from suicide to accidental fall to voluntary homicide. At the moment the first two are the most accredited hypotheses. From the findings of the carabinieri who worked all Thursday afternoon emerged doubts about the trajectory of the fall: it is not clear whether it is compatible with a voluntary gesture, while some wounds and grazes found on the body of the thirty-six-year-old after a first and summary inspection of the corpse could be prior to her death. The Public Prosecutor’s Office investigates with the utmost confidentiality, and no details useful to provide even a generic sketch of the deceased person have been leaked. But there are also other elements to confuse the picture.

Broken window glass

The glass of the window from which the woman fell had been broken and had ended up shattered, as ascertained by the carabinieri who entered the premises of the apartment during the surveys. In the same way, the tenants of the residence and the neighbors have told the military about didn’t hear any noise that it had suggested an ongoing dispute or more generally the presence of a second person in the apartment where the thirty-six year old was staying. At the time of the fall she was wearing a tank top and was half naked. The investigators do not even exclude that the death of the thirty-six year old was the tragic consequence of an accidental fall.

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