Taylor Swift Releases a Version of ‘Snow on the Beach’ Featuring (Finally!) Lana Del Rey

When the grandchildren ask you who invented the concept of “feat more”, you can answer: Taylor Swift, the time everyone wondered why she put Lana Del Rey on her record without letting us hear it

by Rolling Stone

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But is Lana Del Rey really in here? That’s what everyone thought after listening seven months ago Snow on the beach, the song by Taylor Swift feat Lana Del Rey. Long awaited and disappointing. Not for the piece itself, a love song about the feeling of having one’s feelings requited, a feeling that is so rare that it feels like snow falling on the beach. Not for the song, therefore, but for the let’s say evanescent presence of Lana Del Rey. In essence: there was, but you felt little. Snow on the beach it was not the duet that everyone expected.

In an interview with BillboardDel Rey said he “had no idea he was the only feat” on the song. “Had I known, I would have sung the whole second verse the way she wanted it. My job as a feat on a great artist’s album is to add something to the production and so I focused on that. She wanted me at all costs on the record and I liked the song », in addition to the fact that the two share producer Jack Antonoff.

This Wool-not-Wool thing in Snow on the beach has become half a joke, Taylor Swift took note and satisfied the requests of those who finally wanted to hear the singer’s voice. And so she posted today Snow on the Beach (feat More Lana Del Rey) – note feat more self-deprecating – within the new edition of Midnights. It’s subtitled The Til Dawn Edition and also contains Hits Different and a remix of Karma with Ice Spice (“she is THE ONE to watch,” says Swift). A physical version on sale at concerts in the US contains another track, You’re Losing Me.

Here you are Snow on the beachfinally a duet:

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