How Benjamin Keough died, son Lisa Presley sickness

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Who was Benjamin Keough, son Lisa Presley. American singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley was rushed to hospital California, this evening, from cardiac arrest. She was promptly rescued by health workers, she was given resuscitation and her pulse started beating again. According to reports, she was given epinephrine. For the rest, no further information is known about her health conditions.

The 54-year-old womandaughter of Elvis Presleyis the mother of three daughters: the model and actress of 33 years old Danielle Riley Keoughand the twins Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love LockwoodOf 14 years. However, the American, she also had a fourth child, named Benjamin Keough.

The boy died by suicide at the age of 27, and Lisa Marie Presley has carried this pain in her heart ever since. The crime happened exactly on July 12, 2020to calabasasa city in the county of Los Angelesin Californiain the United States.

epa08542995 (FILE) – (LR) Riley Keough, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie and Benjamin Keoughtake to the stage during the celebration of what would have been entertainer Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday near graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, USA08 January 2010 (reissued 13 July 2020). Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough died at the age of 27his mother’s spokesperson announced on July 13, 2020. EPA/LANCE MURPHEY *** Local Caption *** 01983504

How Benjamin Keough, son Lisa Presley died

Benjaminwas the only grandson of Elvis Presley. Like grandfather, mother and father Dannythe young man was also a musician, but he had never gained notoriety, contrary to his sister, who is an actress Riley Keough. In fact, the latter has acted in numerous independent and horror films and has thus gained visibility and popularity.

Despite the choice to undertake the world of music, Benjamin has always kept a low profile, keeping away from the world of social networks and from all the spotlights that follow in the world of entertainment. Was known Moreover, for resemblance to his grandfather Elvis Presley. His last appearance was at the 40th anniversary of the singer’s death during a vigil held at graceland.

How did he die Benjamin Keoughson Lisa Marie Presley illness Photo ANSA

How did Benjamin Keough die? before committing suicide, the son of Lusa Marie Presley, Well, he had taken alcohol and cocaine. The boy died by suicide shooting himself with a gunshot during his girlfriend’s birthday party. To reveal the substances present in her body, it was the autopsy report obtained by the Sunwho recorded the death as suicide caused by a gunshot woundfurther adding, that the 27-year-old was a result positive for alcohol and cocaine. Also according to the autopsy document, the nephew of the legendary Elvis, he had already attempted to take his own life five or six months before the final desperate act. Three months before his death, she had suffered from one severe relapse into depression.

His mental problems have never been discussed, as, according to what has been learned over the years, he had never asked anyone for help to overcome them. The problems have also been exacerbated by theabuse of alcohol and illicit substances such as cocaine. She had tried to cure these addictions with several admissions to rehabilitation centers, but to no avail. Had been in rehab three times, managing to complete the program only once. In the report, there was also talk of a alleged quarrel between Elvis’ heir and his girlfriend, Diana Pinto, recorded by surveillance cameras in the courtyard of the Calabasas mansionowned by Presley and theater of suicide. This episode happened shortly before Ben went to the bathroom to shoot himself. No suicide note was found at the scene of the suicide. “Little” Ben was later buried in Graceland Meditation Gardento Memphiscity in Tennessee in USAnext to the famous grandfather.

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