Francesco Messineo, run over and killed on the sidewalk in Rome. “The girl wanted to escape.” Stopped by pub customers

After the crash he attempted to escape on foot: to stop the 19-year-old from running who hit the group of friends at Tuscolano on Friday evening, killing Francesco instantly…

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After the crash he attempted to escape on foot: to stop the race of the 19-year-old who hit the group of friends in Tuscolano on Friday evening, killing her instantly Francesco Messineowere the customers of the pub. Some chased her, while others threw glasses. Until they reached her and stopped her: «She was in shock» the witnesses confirmed to the investigators: «But as soon as the car crashed, she got out of the passenger compartment and was walking away».

This is another piece in the investigative framework of the agents of the I group Centro and Appio who are reconstructing the dramatic sequence of the fatal accident in Via Suor Maria Mazzarello. The young woman, who around 11pm, lost control of her car, a Volkswagen Up, she was immediately subjected to alcohol and drug tests which came back negative. Officially under investigation for vehicular homicide, it now remains to be established at what speed she was traveling at the moment of the violent impact. What if she was distracted by using her cell phone. From what was reported by several witnesses, the car was traveling at high speed: «I felt the air move as a speeding car passed, an instant later I saw two men on the ground, one was covered in blood. They flew like skittles. It was terrible” said one of the customers of the place a few meters from the crash site.


The witnesses also reported seeing the car skid before hitting the group of friends: «We saw the car skid first to the left, towards the row of parked cars. He then swerved the other way and ended up on the pavement, a few centimeters from the pub’s platform. Everything happened in just a few moments, the group of friends didn’t have time to move” they told the municipal officials who are now awaiting reports and reports.


The White Helmets have in fact proceeded with the seizure of the car and the telephone on which investigations will be carried out in the next few days. The hypothesis is that not only was the 19-year-old traveling at high speed along Via Suor Maria Mazzarello, but that she was also distracted by using her cell phone.

Meanwhile tomorrow at the polyclinic Twins the Messineo autopsy will be performed: the autopsy tests will ascertain the causes of death. The man, a 65-year-old resident of Settecamini and cleaner of the Polyclinic, as it was immediately ascertained, he had gone out to dinner with colleagues. He had spent the evening in a restaurant in Portuense and in via Suor Maria Mazzarello he was just passing through: he had accompanied one of his colleagues home and arranged to meet for a last drink at the pub before returning. After the drink, the 65-year-old was saying his last goodbyes on the sidewalk when the car hit the group: Messineo, who was on the outermost part of the sidewalk, had no escape. The UP threw him first against a parked Range Rover and then to the ground. The friends immediately notified the victim’s wife and daughter but when they arrived, the man was already dead, lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Useless resuscitation attempts by the 118 paramedics who attempted to save the 65-year-old for several minutes.


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