Dear Porro, it is not true that those who take Naspi do not want to work

We have received hundreds of emails and reports on the topic of Naspi. Among these, a few days ago we published one of the letters sent by a small entrepreneur in the tourism sector, who denounced the Naspi “scam”. Today we receive and publish the “response” that came to us from a reader who does not agree with this reading.

Hello Mr Nicola,

I am writing to tell you that I am part of that group that perceives the Naspi and I tell her, as an unemployed person, that it’s not true that we’re on the couch waiting for a free salary. I would like to work and I don’t want Naspi: work, have a salary to support my family and pay the bills.

Now the discussion is long and I don’t want to waste your time but at my age (48 years) we often become invisible and companies want the classic apprentice to avoid paying contributions. Companies often look for staff to replace those who go on holiday, then they send you home and you start again with Naspi without ever having continuity of work.

I greet you and thank you

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