The laboratory-atelier of the sculptor Park Eun Sun takes shape. A project designed by Mario Botta

Walls in glass block, with a mesh texture; a lighting project which will mark the passing of the seasons; rows of bamboooutside, to frame the 600 square meters used as an exhibition space. It takes shape, in Garibaldi Street in Pietrasanta, the laboratory-atelier Of Park Eun Sunthe South Korean sculptor and, from 2021, honorary citizen of the “Little Athens” of Versilia who from the ashes of “Versiliese glassware” he is modeling his own new center of production and exhibition. Wednesday morning on mayor Alberto Stefano Giovannettithe head of the tourism office Sabrina Francesconi and Valentina Fogher of the Cultural Institutes participated in the inspection of the construction site area, organized byartist in the presence ofSwiss architect Mario Botta who is taking care of the project.

“I would like to arrive at the inauguration in the autumn of this year – he confessed Park Eun Sun – but, at the latest, it will be in spring 2025.” Two thousand square metersso large will be the internal part of the new atelier, where the South Korean sculptor will work and will also be able to welcome visitors: “We immediately supported Park’s project – so the mayor Giovannetti – for its structural value, because it recovers, with unchanged volume, an abandoned space but, above all, for what it will bring to Pietrasanta, i.e. a part of the new city that will underline our most identifying trait, that is, making art ”.

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“This recovery has its own autonomy and perspective – underlined thearchitect Botta – because it comes from the past but speaks to the present and above all to the future, acting as a model for other local authorities on how an obsolete industrial area can be transformed into a center where values ​​such as creativity and craftsmanship, which unfortunately are dying out, find expression and lifeblood”.

Giovannetti reiterated his appreciation for the project “which the artist wanted to share with the municipal administration right from the start” and for the attention paid to some “inherited” elements from the old glass factory “like the two overhead cranes – noted the mayor, during the inspection – which Park decided to keep both to use them and to preserve a trace of the past of this place and, for this, I thank him”. With a new idea which, albeit in broad terms, is already taking shape in the drawer, suggested by the mayor: connecting the laboratory-atelier with the heart of the city, through a path that is an image of the creative act of Park and the master craftsmen of Pietrasanta.

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