Conference on the Regional Territorial Landscape Plan: what emerged from the meeting

GENZANO (current events) – What the speakers said

Regarding the Convention, on the Landscape and Urban Planning Plan, held the day before yesterday afternoon at the Municipal Conference Room in via Di Vittorio, we try to better understand what emerged, through the comments of some speakers and guests present.

“The PTPR (Regional Landscape Territorial Plan) is certainly a valid urban planning tool, which must absolutely be modified to bring benefits to our territories. As it does not satisfy and no longer represents the real needs of our territory. As it has been studied and implemented on cartography many years ago, comments the municipal councilor of Genzano Rosario Neglia (Lega) present at the meeting on Monday afternoon with the regional leaders of the sector, such as the councilor for urban planning Pasquale Ciacciarelli, the regional councilor Laura Corrotti and other technicians and managers of the Lazio Region. “Since several years have passed since it was studied by previous regional administrations, our territories have undergone changes and must therefore be studied and expanded radically. The current Lazio Regional Administration in the person of the relevant councilor Ciacciarelli, present in Genzano for the conference on the topic, with the collaboration of the architect Demetrio Carini has been working in this regard since it took office. Therefore, concludes Neglia, there is the political direction to modify the Plan in the hope that it will be done and approved in the shortest possible time. As it is a tool that, once modified, will serve and facilitate Local Authorities, such as Municipalities, and citizens themselves, to draw up the Variations to the new General Regulatory Plans.”

Fabio Papalia (FDI), who participated and helped organize the meeting together with regional councilor Edy Palazzi (FDI), are also convinced that it will be necessary to open a “Working Table” as soon as possible with the Lazio Region and the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, for an open discussion on the Regional Territorial Landscape Plan. ” In order to give specific provisions to the Municipalities and other interested bodies, on the procedures to be adopted for the protection of the territory and the environment, comments Edy Palazzi, I am convinced that the new regional council will succeed in this aim to modify the PTPR within a reasonable time and approve it, making it public after the necessary updates we have talked about, above all by simplifying the regulations, the bureaucracy, making the construction and administrative practices and the various variations in this regard easier for public administrators and citizens”.

Andrea Volpi, parliamentarian and mayor of Lanuvio (FDI) commented on the matter: “It is necessary to intervene on urban planning tools to improve the layout of the territory, starting from the PTPR, updating it as soon as possible to make it clearly and clearly incorporated into the plans General Regulators of the Municipalities. The current Plan is now outdated by the current state of many municipal General Regulatory Plans and inconsistent with the evolution of the territory, and in some cases obsolete and incorrect. In the Genzano Conference we took action among the interested parties field, to outline the strategies to resolve and simplify these problems, which will be on the agenda of the next meetings we will have in the Region and at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, to resolve these bureaucratic stumbling blocks”.

The Lazio Region, like the other Italian regions, adopts this urban planning tool for the protection of the landscape and the conservation of architectural, environmental and cultural territorial assets. When was the landscape plan introduced? The Bottai Law of 1939 introduced the Landscape Plan for the first time, as a tool for the regulation and use of areas of environmental interest, to be drawn up by the Ministry and deposited in the individual Municipalities.

The last one Regional Landscape Territorial Plan (PTPR) was approved with Regional Council Resolution no. 5 of 21 April 2021, published in the Official Bulletin of the Lazio Region n. 56 of 10 June 2021, Supplement no. 2.

The PTPR understands landscape as the parts of the territory whose distinctive characteristics derive from nature, human history or mutual interrelationships in which the protection and valorisation of the landscape safeguard the values ​​that it expresses as perceivable manifestations of identity as indicated in the art. 131 of the Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code DLgv. 42/2004.

The PTPR also takes as reference the definition of “Landscape” contained in the European Landscape Convention, law 14/2006, according to which it designates a specific part of the territory, as it is perceived by the populations, whose character derives from the action of natural and/or human factors and their interrelationships.

The landscape is the part of the territory that includes all the assets constituting the identity of the local community from a historical-cultural and geographical-natural profile, guaranteeing their permanence and recognition. The Regional Territorial Landscape Plan is the planning tool through which, in Lazio, the Public Administration regulates the methods of landscape governance, indicating the related actions aimed at the conservation, enhancement, restoration or creation of landscapes.

The PTPR recognizes the landscape as an essential component of the community’s living context and promotes its use by informing itself of principles and methods that ensure the participation of local authorities and the autonomous contribution of social formations, based on the principle of subsidiarity. The Plan develops its forecasts on the basis of the cognitive framework of the natural, cultural and landscape heritage assets of the Lazio Region.

Other meetings will also follow in the Municipalities of the Lazio Region, in order to listen to the ideas of the mayors, municipal administrators, local associations, with sector managers and regional administrators of reference as done in the Genzano Conference.

“In pursuing the objective of a concrete and effective simplification of the current legislation on urban planning, made necessary by a strong stratification and overlap of the current texts with consequent problems encountered daily by the technical sectors of the municipalities of Lazio – declares the regional councilor for urban planning Pasquale Ciacciarelli – it becomes necessary, among the various measures undertaken, to proceed with an organic revision of the PTPR.

To this end, it is our intention to bring forward the deadline for the revision of the instrument, so as to proceed with updating the relevant cartography with recent air flights, such as the Land Use Map, and the various PTPR tables. By opening a special table with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Such interventions would in fact make it possible to harmonize this landscape tool with the remaining Regional Plans such as the Mining Activities Plan and the Ports Plan, thus allowing a coherent and unitary overall reading of the matter.

A desire to reform this instrument which reflects and is therefore compliant with the new direction that, as a centre-right government, wants to give to urban planning matters in this region”

In the photos above from the left the regional councilor Laura Corrotti (FDI), the regional councilor for urban planning Pasquale Ciacciarelli (Lega) and the municipal councilor of Genzano Rosario Neglia (Lega) at the conference held in Genzano on the PTPR.

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