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Firefighters exercise at the Amazon site in Jesi

JESI – On the morning of yesterday 23 April, the Ancona firefighters carried out an exercise using speleo-alpine-river techniques at the Amazon industrial warehouse in Jesi. On this occasion, the intervention to rescue an injured man on the roof of the building was simulated. Once reached, the injured man was stabilized and placed on a stretcher to be lowered to the road surface.

Maneuver possible only by performing one cableway that from the top of the building, 28 meters high, it reached the ground where the 118 health workers were waiting for the man.

Firefighters exercise at the Amazon site in Jesi

On this occasion, new equipment supplied to the Doric Command was experimented and tested, in particular a system that allows quicker, safer and more effective suspension maneuvers for both rescuers and the people rescued. 19 firefighters were involved in the event in the presence of the Official of the Central Emergency Management, Fire Inspector Ambra Libro, the Commander, Pierpaolo Patrizietti and the head of the provincial Saf sector, Fire Inspector Maurizio Tumbarello.

«We would like to thank – the Fire Brigade Command announced – all the safety staff of the AMAZON group for their collaboration and for making the site available for the manoeuvres, in particular the safety coordinator (CSE) Roberta Bianchini.

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