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Post-race confusion

The finale of last Sunday’s Chinese GP had a Curious post-race queue for Lando Norris. The McLaren driver – author of a race as a true protagonist which saw him cross the finish line in second position, sandwiching himself between the two Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez – made a mistake and on the lap following the flag checkered nhe returned to the starting grid as per protocol but he took the pit road.

Lucky birthdays

The small inattention was the excuse for a funny back and forth between Norris himself and his race engineer William Joseph. The #4 of McLaren teased his ‘guardian angel’ on the pit wall, joking that he had lost his concentration. Shortly before, the two had celebrated their second place finish via radio, dedicating it to the Norris’s motherwhich had turned years old on Saturday.

Mothers’ birthday parties evidently bring good luck to the Norris-Joseph couple: in Imola, in 2022, the duo had in fact celebrated the third place achieved by the British driver in that race by wishing Joseph’s mother, who was celebrating her birthday that very Sunday, a happy birthday.

The Norris-Joseph radio exchange

Norris: “I have to say it: happy birthday mom, for yesterday. I would say this [podio] and for you. I love you mom”.
Norris: “Should I go to the pit lane or not? Why did not you tell me? They’re all going to the grid.”
Joseph: “Excuse me. You should have gone to the grid. My mistake”.
Norris: “Ok, I think I know how to do it”
Joseph: “I suggest you stop in front of the FIA ​​garage and then walk to the grid.”
Norris: “I’ll handle that”.
Joseph: “If you can, keep the car moving, please. And don’t back up, don’t back up. Drive forward.”
Norris: “I didn’t do the back!”.
Joseph: “I see what you do…”.
Norris: “Yes Will. I should be on the grid.”
Joseph: “My fault. I was too busy talking about your mom’s birthday.”
Norris: “Focus Will, concentrate. Breathe Will.”
Joseph: “Everything OK”.


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