The Italian Cup is coming, Atalanta is ready. Gritti: “I can put my hand in the fire”

Tullio Gritti, Gian Piero Gasperini’s deputy at Atalantaspoke to the official microphones of the Orobic club on the eve of the second leg semi-final of the Italian Cup against Fiorentina, scheduled for tomorrow evening in Bergamo (we start again from the 1-0 of the first leg in favor of the Italian team): “This is yet another important match in our championship, unlike the others it is decisive, one of the two will go through to the difficult match, but the boys are very ready and want to reach one of the goals of the season”, underlined Gasperini’s deputy, who will play tomorrow. he will not be on the bench because he is disqualified.

What will Atalanta have to do tomorrow?
“Something more than the first leg, it was a slightly subdued match on our part. Tomorrow we will play in our stadium, the fans have shown that they know how to carry the team along. I am very confident that we can turn the situation around. The boys are getting closer as usual, I believe they have already demonstrated that they know how to overcome the tensions of the moment, they can produce important performances. In short, they will be able to be ready.”

“We know Fiorentina by now, they have valuable players with individual qualities that we will have to pay attention to. I think it will be a beautiful match. The match against Liverpool has given us further awareness of being able to compete on all pitches. It does nothing but increase self-esteem. I can put my hand on fire for the kids, never in difficulty in this respect”, concluded Gritti.

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