5-year-old girl with an incurable tumor, the fundraiser begins to make little Sara’s wishes come true

Sara Cantagalli has just 5 years and lives in Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, together with mum and dad. For three years now, the little girl has been suffering from one rare form of tumor, a stage four neuroblastoma. In recent times his condition has worsened, the cancer has stopped responding to therapy and the doctors have decided to stop chemo, replacing it with palliative care that supports the little girl in everyday life. Now, the web has come together to make all your wishes come true of Sarah.

Forced to interrupt cancer treatment

Since the neuroblastoma which Sara Cantagalli has been suffering from since she was about 2 years old stopped responding to treatment, the medical team at the Sant’Agata Hospital in Bologna opted for an interruption of the chemotherapy to which the patient had been undergoing for some time.

Faced with this prospect, the little girl’s parents decided to make this period as magical as possiblededicating themselves totally to the fun, serenity and happiness of their little one.

To ensure that Sara realizes all the desires, cravings and little dreams of her young age, her mother Maria and her father Mattia have launched a fundraising on the webin collaboration with the volunteer Il Santa Claus dei bambini, a long-time friend of Sara.

Sara’s wish list

The association responded to the Cantagalli family’s request for help Children’s Santa Claus who, on their social profiles, published Sara’s wish list.

Dreams of a little girl who loves flowers and Disney princesses, passionate about fashion and in love with animals. And she really wants to have fun.

Some of Sara’s dreams, thanks to the numerous donations that have arrived, are about to come true: the little girl will soon go to zoo of Rometo visit the Genoa aquarium, in the amusement park of Gardaland and enjoying a beach holiday.

Still work in progress to make the desire to ski come true, grow flowers in a nursery, be a princess in a castle for a day and go to Disneyland.

Again, the thrill of playing at being great, pretending to be a model and walking the catwalk trying on lots of different clothes.

And, finally, a day with friends and many children, carefree and tireless inside huge inflatables to play in.

Photo source: ANSA / Facebook

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