Fedez opens a profile on OnlyFans, but there will be no adult content

No sooner said than done. Fedez announced today on Instagram that he had landed on OnlyFans, the social platform widely used by sex workers and has long been much appreciated by influencers or artists for the possibility it offers of providing paid content to its users. After Antonella Mosetti e Carol Altthe rapper also decided to open an account on OnlyFans.

Fedez opens a profile on OnlyFans

If the showgirl Mosetti admitted to having opened a profile on the well-known social network to “become an entrepreneur of her own image” and earn up to 2 thousand euros for a photo of her foot, and Carol Alt confessed to having done so in order to become the sole owner of its image after having made others earn money for decades thanks to his work, Fedez’s motivations are different: it is a simple one commercial operation to promote the new single Sex Shop which has struggled a bit to climb the charts in recent days.

Since this is a paid sponsorship, as communicated via Instagram, subscribing to Fedez’s profile on OnlyFans is free. “Alarm, this handsome boy has arrived on Onlyfans”, these are the words used by the 34-year-old to announce the news with pumped physique, hairpiece and sponsored boxers for this announcement which does not seem to have found support among his fans, at least judging by the first comments received on Instagram between those who call it “ridiculous” and those who joke about the fake news, already denied, on the alleged request for food that the rapper would have received from his future ex-wife.

Why did Fedez open an OnlyFans profile?

“Hairy chest to make you dream, his abs to make you grate the dough, powerful arms to hug those who are scandalized as soon as they hear the word OnlyFans. But no! I will use this channel like a lot of people and artists do in the world to have a laugh and for exclusive content, so no panty-ripping posts”, continued the rapper on Instagram.

The war of summer hits is more heated than ever and Fedez is also elbowing towards the top of the charts, paired with . The single Sex Shopat least in these first few weeks, has not proved to be the enormous success that perhaps was expected, even if things seem to be improving at least according to Spotify data, where the song has risen in recent hours to fourth place in the Top 50 in Italy with 426 million listenersimmediately afterwards 30°C Of Anna, Sex and Samba Of Tony Effe and Gaia And Paprika Of Ghali.

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