Carmelo La Bionda died, he invented Italian disco music with his brother Michelangelo: his successes


Serious mourning for Italian music: the historic inventor of the Italian dance music, Carmelo La Bionda. With his brother Michelangelo revolutionized the genre, exporting the so-called italo disco.

Farewell to Carmelo La Bionda

According to news agencies, Carmelo La Bionda died this morning, Saturday 5 November 2022. He was 73 years old and he died in his home of San Donatoin Milan.

His son announced his death Francesco Paolo and family members. It is also reported that La Bionda had been ill for at least a year and that he had a tumor, probable cause of death of the famous musician born on February 2, 1949 in Ramacca (province of Catania) but Milanese by adoption.

Photo source: ANSA

Carmelo and Michelangelo La Bionda together formed the DD Sound duo

THE funeralit is learned, will be held Tuesday 8 November at 2.30pmat the church of Santa Barbara di San Donato Milanese.

He invented the Italian disco dance

Italian music thus loses one of the symbolic names of the twentieth century: Carmelo La Bionda is in fact considered the inventor of Italian dance music, together with his brother Michelangelo. Together, the two had founded the La Bionda groupalso known as DD Sound.

Early in their career they wrote songs for My Martini, Ornella Vanoni and for i Riches and Poors – who recently mourned the passing of Franco Gatti. In 1975, they played acoustic guitars for Volume 8’s album Fabrizio De André.

A first breakthrough came in 1974, when they became record producers of Amanda Lear, which owes much to the La Bionda brothers for its international success. Their popularity grew thanks to the nascent discomusic and in particular to italo disco, which have contributed to exporting to the world.

The great hits of the DD Sound duo

The first international hits that are remembered are Bass Disco (historical first acronym de Sunday Sporty color) and Burning Love. In 1977 they made the world dance with 1,2,3,4… Gimme Some More. In 1978 they released the album La Bionda, which contains their best known song: One For You, One For Me.

Carmelo La Bionda and his brother are also those who discovered the Righeira: Vamos a la playaone of the most iconic songs of the 80s, is due to them.

Then follow other songs like I Wanna Be Your Loversampled from Caparezza in the song Title. They have also composed soundtracks for films such as Super more policeman, Who finds a friend, finds a treasure, Face to face, This and that, Rich stuff, My beautiful, my beauty and many, many others.

Michelangelo La Bionda he is also in charge of the Italian version of the song My Heart Will Go On of the film Titanicin addition to the theme of the film by Pearl Harbor. One For You, One For Me And 1,2,3,4… Gimme Some More they were also used in the Mediaset Premium and Vodafone commercials.


Photo source: ANSA

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