Puglia third region for tax evasion

A clear gap between North and South, with Puglia in third place in Italy for tax evasion. The negative ranking is published by a report by the Cgia of Mestre, based on data provided by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and by Istat, relating to the year 2020. What emerges from the document is that Puglia, after Calabria and Campania, is the third region for lost tax revenue.

Following are Sicily, Sardinia and Molise, a sign that – according to the document – the gap between North and South is clear. In fact, one of the most virtuous regions is Friuli Venezia Giulia, followed by the province of Trento and Lombardy. But the first place goes to the province of Bolzano, with evasion of 9.3 euros for every 100 collected. To understand the difference with Puglia, the latter in 2020 recorded a loss of 19.2 euros per 100.

On a national scale, the lost tax revenue can be quantified at around 90 billion euros, but the territorial differences weigh on this figure, considering that the highest incidence of the unobserved economy concerns precisely the South (where the situation is defined as critical) with 18.8%. Followed by the Center of the country with 12%, then the Northeast with 9.2% and finally the Northeast with the Northwest with 9.8%.

It should be emphasized that these data, referring to the period of the Covid 19 pandemic, should be taken with caution, because in the meantime – as also communicated by SkyTg24 – “the difference between the taxes that are collected by the tax administrations and those that would be collected under a of perfect fulfilment, fell to 89.8 billion euros”. Furthermore, of these, a good 78.9 billion would be attributable to lost tax revenue, and only 10.8 billion would be due to tax evasion.


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