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After the cool weather of the last few days which saw even below average temperatures in the early morning with local frosts reaching the bottom of the valley, spring resumes its course with a gradual warming that will bring us back above average by mid-week. Peaks even higher than 20°C are expected on the northern plains, the inland areas of the Center and part of the South, especially Puglia and Sardinia. But let’s see how it goes:

TEMPERATURES MONDAY: slight temperature increase compared to Sunday with maximum values ​​slightly above average in the North, Sardinia and inland areas of Puglia. Elsewhere values ​​are still quite in line with the period.

TEMPERATURES TUESDAY: further rise in temperature in the Center and North with highs slightly above average also in Tuscany and Lazio. They drop slightly in the South due to a perturbation.

TEMPERATURES WEDNESDAY: new generalized increase, the highs will be above average practically everywhere except in Sicily and Liguria. Probable exceeding of the 20°C threshold in the Po Valley.

TEMPERATURES THURSDAY: maximums in further slight increase with values ​​above average everywhere except in Liguria. Probable exceeding of 21/22°C in Puglia and Calabria.

NEXT DAYS UNTIL THE WEEKEND: temperatures increasing further, possible reaching 23/24°C in the Adriatic hinterland and locally in the Po valley.

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