Cyberbullying, comparison of Corecom Calabria and Veneto

The fight at cyberbullying and al cybercrimethe creation of an aggregation platform of audiovisual and multimedia content, focused on education in the use of new technologies and the conscious use of new digital languages, called “Corecom Academy” and above all the launch of a training course aimed at the younger generations to be provided with solid tools for an “ethical” management of the social network.

These are the main arguments at the center of the discussion between the president of Corecom Calabria Fulvio Scarpino and the colleague of the Veneto Committee Marco Mazzoni Nicoletti who, in recent days, visited the Undersecretary of the Interior, Wanda Ferro.

The presidents Scarpino And Marco Mazzoni Nicoletti recalled that with the Framework Agreement of 21 November 2017, Agcom entrusted Corecom with specific functions in terms of user protection and guarantee, with particular reference to minorsthrough study, analysis and education initiatives on the use of traditional and new media.

As part of these new features, aim at the goal to carry out on the theme of web education institutional synergies and sharing of resources with a view to continuous improvement of intervention policies in favor of young people. To this end, the presidents Scarpino and Marco Mazzoni Nicoletti illustrated to the undersecretary Ferro the potential of the specific projectknown as the “Corecom Academy” within which the creation of a “digital infrastructure” accessible to users remotely, which aggregates audiovisual and multimedia content, focused on the promotion of a critical and conscious use information sphere and digital civics education, for both young people and adults.

Particular attention will be paid to the selection and production of creative content, educational And pedagogical to be made available on the platform, also organized in the form of digital libraryin order to enable interpretative tools and good social and civic practices in relation to complex and relevant issues such as: cyberbullying, fake news, hate speech, digital financial education.

Therefore, the Calabria and Veneto Corecoms were able to register the availability of Undersecretary Ferro a support the countermeasure process to cyberbullying and cybercrime through activities intended for the conscious use of new digital languages.

The Hon. Ferro stressed right the importance of training in the development of a critical thinking of digital citizenship, and beyond: this path represents a investment in the future because only by changing your approach and habits, forming a ethical awarenessthe new generations will have the tools to use the new means of communication and digital tools consciously and responsibly.

And this, with a view to raising awareness of the possible risks associated with the use of social media and surfing the Net and contrast to hate speechwith the intention of neutralizing any form of bullying, violence and misinformation, as well as engaging in the fight against mafia mentality and to crime which also hides in the folds of the unchallenged use of social networks.

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