Elections, Virgil: “Here are the interventions of the first 100 days”

“We will decide together and we will do it with the citizens”: this is what mayoral candidate Andrea Virgilio says, who, in addition to outlining the path, also clarifies what the method will be. “The first hundred days of the new administration, if it is by Andrea Virgilio, will be based on participation and concrete interventions”.

“The residents, neighborhood committees, shopkeepers, categories, businesses and associations will be the voice at the centre. The administration will initiate discussions with citizens to decide and evaluate together what actions will be implemented. A participatory route that will leave no one behind: from the historic center to the suburbs. No one excluded.”

The objectives are very clear from now on. “First of all – explained Virgilio – I want to open a participatory process to decide together with citizens how and in which environmental interventions to invest the 2 and a half million euros paid to the Municipality by Tamoil.

Second priority will be to study, also within and with the collaboration of the Urban Commercial District, a project for the redevelopment of Piazza Roma which will increasingly have to be the green and aggregative heart of our historic center, with a garrison of the local police and a more welcoming play area for families and children”.

In the first hundred days there will also be the Via Giordano node. “Finding with the residents a solution that relieves the artery from the continuous traffic of cars and identifying the funds for its redevelopment, even in steps and also through the planning of plantings and elements of environmental regeneration – added Virgilio – can no longer be postponed.

The Via Giordano issue is thorny and has been going on for decades: it must now be resolved, the resources must be identified and the requests must be evaluated. The sector will change its face and we will do so by implementing concrete actions that meet the real needs of the neighborhood.”

Virgil, in the programmatic agenda of the first hundred days, will also put the remodeling of local public transport: “We will define the new public transport lines also in light of the new tender which may entail new resources for the Municipality to invest in a better connection of the historic center with the suburbs, with the hospital and with our retirement home” .

Another priority will be safety: “I want more presence of local police officers in the neighborhoods. “To do this – he said – we will continue with the hiring of agents, who will thus be able to be more present even in the evening and night time slots, we will continue to invest in the purchase of new technologies and we will improve public lighting in squares and key places of the city” .

If these are the commitments, However, the method will be decisive. “For me, citizens will be the interlocutors. The first thing I will do as mayor – concluded Virgilio – will be to open tables and moments of discussion to identify together the issues on which we must first intervene. I think there is only one way to reciprocate the voters’ trust: listening. And this, if I am elected, will be my approach for the entire duration of my mandate.”

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