Italian Paralympic Committee – Water polo: the Final Six in Naples

Italian Paralympic Committee – Water polo: the Final Six in Naples
Italian Paralympic Committee – Water polo: the Final Six in Naples

Next weekend the final phase of the championship will be held for the fourth consecutive year Serie “A” Championship which will assign the title of Italian Champion 2024. The previous companies that have boasted the title were: SS Lazio Swimming in 2021the GLS Napoli Lions in 2022 and the Rare Nantes Florentia in 2023.

Also for this year the swimming setting will be that of the Felice Scandone swimming pool in Naples which will see as protagonists among the ten clubs registered for the Championship the first three clubs in the SOUTHERN group: GLS Napoli Lions, SS Lazio Nuoto, ASD Dhea Sport and the first three from the NORTH group i.e. Crazy Waves Pisa, San Giorgio Columbus WP, RN Florentia).

There are many expectations on the part of each team – regardless of the title won – each athlete reaches this final with an athletic energy that does not allow for mistakes. This arises from the fact that each company, together with its own technician, has studied the preparation down to the smallest detail. This study phase was also made possible thanks to all the FINP live streaming broadcasts so far, returning to the images and the various phases of the game has allowed and will allow us to study the opponents and the different tactics to be implemented precisely to make the most of both the weaknesses that the skills. This will be important in order to achieve the victory that will allow the winning team to dream big, crowning their dream of glory, that of writing their name on the FINP Federal Register.

The technical director of the discipline Mario Giugliano: “Confirming the continuous growth of the newborn federal discipline, I am sure that we will witness a technical show in the pool which, despite some evident athletic individualism, will once again highlight how Paralympic water polo is a discipline destined to enter the annals of sport. I say this – states Giugliano – because it is not only engaging, but also spectacular to see both in the stands and from home. Inclusion is and will always remain the cornerstone, as will the space we will dedicate to lower classes of disabilities to give them the opportunity to demonstrate how much they can live up to everyone’s expectations.

After the final in Naples, we are already ready for the next appointment. On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June, thirty athletes, selected together with my technical staff, will participate in the international Habawaba event which will be held in Lignano Sabbiadoro. The task of those called up will also be to demonstrate, to the over one hundred nations present at the Festival, that water polo can be practiced by everyone. We can certainly boast that we are the only ones in the world to have this structure, but at the same time – concludes Giugliano – we hope that they can take inspiration from our in-depth studies on classifications to one day reach our level of play”.

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