Administrative elections: The President of Anci Lombardia wishes all the elected Mayors good work

Administrative elections: The President of Anci Lombardia wishes all the elected Mayors good work
Administrative elections: The President of Anci Lombardia wishes all the elected Mayors good work

At the conclusion of the administrative elections of 8 and 9 June, which involved 959 municipalities in Lombardy, the President Mauro Guerraconfirmed as Mayor of Tremezzina, on behalf of Anci Lombardia wishes good work and sends heartfelt congratulations to all the Mayors who have confirmed the position and to all the newly elected members who take up the new role.

“What now opens is a challenging path that will see local administrators working for the development and growth of the territories, in a complex moment that sees us face, among other things, the challenge of full implementation of the PNRR” explains Mauro Guerra in a letter addressed to the elected Mayors who are receiving them right now.

“In order not to leave the Municipalities alone but also to face the trials together with shared solutions, Anci Lombardia has always proposed itself as the House of all Municipalities, in order to support communities and territories. For this reason, the Association of Italian Municipalities bases its strength on dialogue, discussion and collaboration between the Administrators, therefore, the participation of everyone in the association’s activities will be fundamental, in order to highlight the centrality of local authorities in the institutional framework of our Village”.

Also on the occasion of this latest electoral round, Anci Lombardia is pleased to send, in the coming weeks, the updated paper version of the book to all newly elected Mayors “The Local Administrator’s Vademecum”, which clearly explains the functions and responsibilities of Auditors and Directors, defining their status and internal organisation. A work much appreciated by administrators and professionals, especially useful to young administrators and to those who face this important task for the first time. The volume will be available online on our website so that it can also be downloaded and consulted by all Administrators.

Furthermore, Anci Lombardia, through its in-house company AnciLab, will propose a free training course aimed at increasing the skills of Councillors, Councillors, Mayors and all municipal staff.

The program represents an opportunity for a harmonious development of the autonomy, effectiveness and efficiency of the local PA through the growth of the ability of municipal administrators to master general logics, apply operational models and replicate successful administrative practices. The project, structured in classroom and remote meetings, proposes theoretical reflections and practical tools for immediate use in daily administrative action. During the training course, principles and methodologies for the improvement and innovation of intervention strategies and management of municipal administrations will be introduced. The training course is delivered both by expert teachers, who carry out their activities within local authorities, and by witnesses who hold significant positions in Lombard public administrations.
Specific communications for programs and registration forms will follow, all information will be available on the new event management website:

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