Drunk girl stopped in minicar – Pescara

PESCARA. Six driving licenses withdrawn in a single night due to high concentrations of alcohol and drugs found in traffic police checks. Among the people stopped, on Friday around 4.30 in the morning, there was also a minor driving a minicar who tested positive on the breathalyzer, another girl with a blood alcohol level more than double the permitted limit and the case of a 40-year-old woman who had her license revoked after being caught drunk behind the wheel for the second time.
Prevention activities and checks by the State Police in Pescara continue unabated over the weekend to combat the main causes of road accidents and, in particular, driving while intoxicated and under the influence of narcotics. Friday night the traffic police, with the manager Fabio Polichetti, together with the health personnel of the police station, carried out widespread checks along the main arteries of the city and in the nightlife areas. Six licenses were withdrawn from drivers who tested positive on a breathalyzer and drug test. In particular, around 2am, the officers ordered a car driven by a young man from Pescara with very slow reflexes to stop, a detail which immediately made one imagine his recent use of alcohol and drugs. And in fact, subjected to the breathalyzer test, the rate was 0.98 g/l, above the permitted limit, while the drug test came out positive for cocaine. Instead he had a rate of 1.35 g/l, more than double the permitted limit, a girl checked later. Among those sanctioned was also a 40-year-old who was driving despite having had her license suspended in the past because she had already tested positive on the breathalyzer, for which the revocation will now be triggered. Furthermore, around 4.30 am, a minicar driven by a minor was ordered to stop, with a blood alcohol level of 0.40 g/l (0 tolerance applies for newly licensed drivers and minors under 21 years of age). . The girl will now not be able to obtain a driving license before the age of 19. Traffic police checks will continue over the next few weekends.

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